Christmas Tragedy: How Over 100 Persons Lost Their Lives as Gas Plant Exploded in Nnewi

Site of the gas explosion
It was another black Christmas for Anambra State and Nigeria as a whole as no fewer than 100 persons were sent to their early graves on December 24, 2015 at an industrial gas plant in Nnewi that exploded.

The gas explosion which took place at Inter Corp Oil Limited (LPG Gas Plant), a subsidiary of Chikason Group around the hours of 11:00 am has thrown the people of Nnewi into mourning based on the devastating impact the explosion had on the victims and properties.

Information gathered from one of the eye-witnesses stated that the explosion was avoidable if not for the impatience of one of the truck drivers who could not wait for the compulsory cooling time. Instead, he went ahead to discharge his gas while customers were refilling their gas cylinders.
Due to the high inflammability of the gas, the eye-witness said that no fewer than 100 persons (customers and neighbours alike) were caught in the fire that burnt them beyond recognition.

What worsened the situation the eye-witness said was the difficulty the rescue team had in gaining entrance into the factory where most of victims had been trapped.

Meanwhile, the charred bodies of the victims from the gas explosion that took place at Inter Corp Oil Limited, Nnewi Anambra State have been deposited at the Mortuary of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, NAUTH, Nnewi alongside the injured people in the neighbourhood. 

Unfortunately, every effort made to get the help of the Anambra State Fire Service sited at Nnewi in tackling the emergence proved abortive until unimaginable damages had taken place.

Aside the lives that were lost to the sad incident, many buildings and vehicles numbering over fifty were also destroyed. Millions of naira were lost.

While narrating the situation, one of the lucky survivors, Ikechukwu who although sustained minor injuries but lost his mother to the inferno said;

 “My mother was preparing pepper we wanted to use to cook tomorrow after she returned from the market, the next thing we heard was the explosion that rocked the entire vicinity.

“I ran for my life and escaped with minor injury but my mother was not lucky. She was not as fast as me and when the fire subsided a little bit, the next thing I saw was her dead body. Look at the chicken we planned to kill tomorrow for Christmas. A similar thing happened at another residence where a woman and her daughter were lucky to remain alive after suffering some degrees of burn”.
 ** Warning! We call on the government to ban gas plants from being sited around residential areas. The gas plant located along MCC road in Aba should with immediate effect be given quit notice to relocate their gas plant to somewhere else to avoid a similar incident happening in Aba soon. ABA URBAN RENEWAL TEAM, take note!**

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