Explosive Video: An Unknown Man on Mask Caught on Tape Escorting Nnamdi Kanu to Court

This is exclusive information. 

Until that man on mask unmasks himself, we have every reason to suspect that he is a member of Boko Haram terrorizing Nigeria, Chad and some part of Cameroon.

Of all the agents of DSS who were escorting Nnamdi Kanu to court only one of them masked his face from public notice.

Being a member of the secret police does not imply one masking himself when a case of this delicate magnitude is talked about. For God’s sake, this is case of treason and terrorism being charged against a man who had twice been set free by two courts in Nigeria. So why will one among all the agents of DSS escorting him in and out of the court wear mask to prevent the public from identifying him?

The world must stand up now and address this issue before Nigeria flares up in fire.
Meanwhile, at a point, the DSS tried to forcefully stop Nnamdi Kanu from seeing his lawyer but he quickly repelled them and said: “What sort of nonsense is this? I want to see my lawyer and you are here talking……eh”. 

Please! Please!! Please!!!

The video is here. Watch it and tell us who that guy hearing mask is?

Is it right for a DSS officer to mask his face even in court where transparency at all level is expedient?

Why is the federal government refusing to release a man who two courts of competent jurisdiction has ordered for his unconditional release?

Are they planning to murder Nnamdi Kanu just because the federal government hates hearing the word “Biafra”?