Federal Government Swallows Shame, Says Biafra Agitation is "Completely Legitimate"

Lai Mohammed, Minister 0f Information

Amidst the fear of ICC and other international bodies kicking against the recklessness of Nigeria government in handling the protest by pro-Biafra group in the southeast and southsouth, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed on behalf of the federal government has swallowed shame after maximum regain of consciousness to say that the agitation for freedom by Biafrans is “completely legitimate”

Several efforts have been made since the past two months to ground the voice of the agitators even to the point of killing them in dozens but instead of the number to reduce, it multiplied. Some believed it was the spirit of Ojukwu that was resurrected; others claimed that the spirit of the 3 million Biafrans killed during the Nigeria-Biafra War is alive again.

Following the incarceration and unlawful detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra, the pro-Biafra group intensified their protest in various countries across the world and around the shores of Nigeria despite allegations leveled against them by some Nigeria media owned by Yorubas.

The Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, who spoke on the agitations, however said the basic cause of it was “economic” which would have gotten worse but for the efforts of the current administration.

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 While speaking at a News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja at the weekend, Mr. Lai Mohammed who hails from Kwara State appealed to leaders in the country not to exploit the economic situation to further destabilise Nigerians.

 “There are many political frontlines in Nigeria, religious, ethnic and the like but these things do not come to the fore until when there are serious economic problems like we are having today. I have listened to the complaints of many of these agitators and right down it is economic. They must understand too that but for this furtiveness of this administration, this country would have been by far much worse. There is need for Nigerians to understand also that these are not ordinary times and that the government is not just making excuses. I appeal to our leaders not to exploit this situation to further destabilise Nigerians; our leaders should be courageous enough to come out and defend our unity. At times some of the agitations might be because the government is not adequately publicising what it is doing.” He said.

 He also spoke against the use of social media as being a tool that dictates for Nigerians.

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 He said; ““Unfortunately, we have allowed the social media to dictate the agenda for us; that must stop immediately.”

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