Like Pontus Pilate Judge Washes Off His Hands From Trying Case Against Nnamdi Kanu

Like Pontus Pilate, Justice Ahmed Mohammed has washed off his hand in any attempt to preside over the unfortunate trial of a saint who the Magistrate court and the Federal High Court had declared free.

Justice Ahmed Mohammed who made this statement yesterday being Wednesday, December 23, 2015 excused himself from handling and worst all, hearing any form of treason charges brought by the Federal Government of Nigeria against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, who also doubles as the director of Radio Biafra situated in London who was arrested in October this year.

His optical stand was on the fact that the federal government does not respect the rule of law and as such, has no respect for the judicial system having disobeyed previous court rulings of the Magistrate and High Courts that had declared the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu on two separate occasions.

Meanwhile, the federal government is accusing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of plotting to split Nigeria with his ideology of caving out Republic of Biafra who Professor Wole Soyinka had stated also that there is nothing anyone can do to bury the ideology.

Most unfortunately for Nigerian government, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the resolute and unbeatable people of Biafra had told the court before the commencement of the prosecution which Justice Ahmed Mohammed had said he won’t entertain that he will prefer to remain in the custody of DSS than subject himself and the people he represents to a trial whose outcome will not be respected.

He said his previous trials had various outcomes that were abused or neglected by the State Security Service.

Mr. Kanu therefore stated his outright objection to the trial in the court.
The counsel to the prosecution, who is also the Federal Director of Prosecution, office of the Attorney General, Mohamed Diri, told the court that based on section  396 (2) of the constitution, the defendant had no right to object to being tried by the court until after the plea is heard.

But the judge said he was standing down from the case, saying Mr. Kanu had the right to reject the trial, “after all justice is rooted on confidence”.
“If any of the parties has no confidence in the court, he has the right to say so”, Mr. Mohammed ruled.

Justice Ahmed Mohammed noted that the prosecution would have done the same thing if they were in Nnamdi Kanu’s shoes.

“Assuming it was the prosecution, if they had no confidence in the court of jurisdiction; would they not have done so?”

“I hereby remit the case file to the honourable chief judge of this court to reassign it,” the judge said.
Friends, get Justice Ahmed Mohammed some water to wash off his hand. He is the kind of people Nigeria needs in her judicial system.

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