Message to Virgin Girls That Still Want to Remain a Virgin

Chioma Ezeh
Chioma M. Ezeh, a member of Nzuko Ndigbo Foundation has written a post advising young virgin girls who still want to remain virgins on the right things to do.

In her post, Chioma M. Ezeh warned that it was her love for young virgin girls that she has chosen to share a piece of advice with them so that they will not make the same mistake that landed other girls into frustration.

She stated that having a boyfriend as a virgin is the fastest way to lose your virginity. Thus, a virgin girl must not have any business with dating if he wants to retain it.

Chioma M. Ezeh wrote;

My dear sister, I love you so much and I will not allow you to make mistakes that will frustrate you like other girls.

There are many things happening in the world of relationship. Many ladies are regretting a lot of things they did in the past.

My dear sister don't be a victim of dating, many guys will promise you heaven on earth just to sleep with you. They will promise you that I can wait or date you without sex but within some months in the relationship, they will start begging for kiss, telling you that there is nothing wrong in kissing. Some other time, they will start asking for romance that romancing is not sex as a foolish teenager who don't know anything about love, you will start kissing and romancing each other, one day he will surely ask for sex by claiming that he has try all this while and maybe you will open your legs and lose your pride-virginity but you'll get dumped within months, you will end up regretting.

My dear if you're still a VIRGIN and still want keep to it, you don't need a boyfriend. It is not compulsory to have a boyfriend.

Let me tell you something you don't know about some guys after breaking your virginity, they will not continue calling, texting and being serious like before in your relationship, many men are Pretenders and deceivers, my dear they don't really love as they claims every day.

TO AVOID HAD I KNOW, keep away from dating; there is no gain in having a lover at your age.
Do you want start saying men are wicked; all men are dogs, what men want in relationship is sex, please avoid dating anyone to prevent you from being used and dumped.

Obey God words and stop listening to bad friends. Don't join these categories of women that men are using to play like football.

You have two options; choosing to do GOOD or choosing to do BAD.
If you end up choosing wrong path, you will surely pay for it. Some wicked men will useless you and destroy your future.

Be wise today and you will be happy.

Your happiness is in your hands now.
Stop being ignorant.

Thanks you for your understanding my dear girl, I love you with the love of Christ and I want the best for you.


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