New!!! Introducing e-Market, where you buy and sell online

Buy and Sell Online
 Guess what?

You are very lucky to be on this platform.

Aside the political commentaries we regularly update you with on this platform and the models of doing a successful business in Aba, Enyimba city, we have introduced another new business called The e-Market, which is a subsidiary of ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE managed by a team from professionals in Abia, Anambra, Imo, Abuja and USA.

e-Market is an online platform where you can display your products or talk about your services in order to get patronage from prospective customers.

In e-Market, you can sell used or brand new items like cars, cloths, shoes, bags, cosmetics, beverages, house, empty land, electronic gadgets, food, photos or what have you. You can also talk about the kind of services you render and why you think you are the best for your prospective clients. May be you are a Custom Clearing agent, Real Estate agent, Master of Ceremony, Dog breeder, Publisher/Printer, Photographer, Event planner, DJ, Musician, Special Taxi driver, Babysitter, Computer Instructor, Editor, Model, Dancer, Blogger etc, here is an opportunity to sell what you have to millions of your customers very much interested in what you do.

Products and services sold on this platform are at their cheapest prices. Typical examples are our Bulksms sold at N2.50 per sms (5000 numbers and above is N2.00) and books, including audio books and magazines.

What are you waiting for?

Rush now to boost your turnover by taking your business online.

For enquiry call; 09026042098, 07036251361, 08125106761 or send us an email to

Products placed on our site for sale will be displayed at the following platforms:

1. The print version of our magazine (additional cost will be charged)
2. 5 Facebook pages and Groups
3. Twitter
4. Google+
5. Whatsapp groups

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