Popular Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji in Tax Evasion Saga with Lagos State Government

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji

Authoritative information coming to us today is that Linda Ikeji, the multi-millionaire blogger and envy of many bloggers is on the run over a fierce battle likely going to be engaged against her the Lagos State Inland Revenue Service for failing to pay her income taxes over the years.

We were meant to understand that every effort made to track down Linda Ikeji so as to get the letter of LIRS across to her proved abortive. 

The agency had a month ago learnt through her records that the blogger has not been up-to-day in paying her personal income tax. Uncomfortable with the development, LIRS began a journey to track down Linda Ikeji.

Sources said that her father who was met at home when a notice of tax assessment was served declined receiving the letter, saying she is not in a position to receive any notice on behalf of Linda Ikeji her daughter.

In another similar occasion of declining the notice served her, people who were seen at the residence where LIRS had thought Linda Ikeji is living or doing business said that no person known as Linda Ikeji lives or does business around the area. 

This second effort made the agents of the Lagos State Inland Revenue Service (LIRS) more frustrated but vowed to get her by all means.

However fortunate for LIRS, they got their way last week as she was said to have been served the tax assessment notice at her new mansion in Banana Island while a video clip and snapshots were taken as evidence to support the service.

A very reliable source at the tax office informed News of the People that checks conducted on the blogger revealed that she had only paid (N4,000) four thousand naira ever as tax to the state government.

As it stands now, the Lagos State Inland Revenue Service (LIRS) is said to be requesting for her tax assessment of personal income with a caveat that failure to do so may compel them to proceed to court for a criminal proceedings.

A particular issue raised by a source was the withholding tax ought to have been paid to the state government on the 600 million naira property she recently acquired which may amount to about 30 million naira only.

The consequence however is that if the Linda Ikeji refuses to respond to the request of the Lagos State Inland Revenue, the agency will be left with no other choice but to forcefully drag her to court to face the music until she pays all.

When the blogger was contacted on the issue by this medium, she neither responded non acknowledged the message sent to her.

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