Pro-Biafra Lagos Protest: Security Tips to Avoid Being Tear Gassed

Biafra protesters
Following the arrest and unlawful detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra as well as the Director of Radio Biafra, members of the group since October have staged peaceful protest across all the States in the Southeast and Southsouth geo-political zone.

However unfortunate, the last peaceful protest held in Onitsha, Anambra State on December 2, suddenly turned bloody with the Joint Military Task Force shooting down nine Biafra agitators with 18 others badly injured.

Now, hearing that Nnamdi Kanu will be arraigned in court today which sources have said that the date has been changed to December 17, the pro-Biafra group has announced that they will be taking another peaceful march to the city of Lagos, which they refer to as "the heart of darkness".

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And for the security of all protesters, leaders of the group has released some security tips. Here it goes;

Onyebuchi Ugoji Ekechukwu Wrote:


It is the D-day of the much talked about protest in the heart of darkness Lagos state of the zoo. Our people have started gathering in the set out location as i write now. All those living in Lagos are all enjoined to meet up at Okokomaiko as we shall be protesting peacefully from there to Alaba snd the other locations as stated earlier.

Do not display your Biafran attires while coming for security purpose. You are to display whatever Biafran outfit in your possession until our Biafran Flag is hoisted for all to see. Remember you are to remain peaceful no matter the intimidation or threat from the Area boys/millitary men.

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Try and pretend to be an "Anti-Biafra" in any place you find yourself especially within the protest location. Try to gather informations from people there on their feelings/support towards BIAFRA restoration project. Pls endeavour that your camera's flash is always off so that no one will detect that you are taking any picture or video... try to be an INTELLIGENT OFFICER wherever you are.

Come with small container of kerosine and Handkerchief. In case the zoo police or army fires tear gas, soak your handkerchief with kerosine and rub on the whole of your face to neutralize the effect of the tear gas.

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This is the time to show the world how serious and determined we are. The zoo is about to fall, all we need to do is give it a harder push and it will crumble. We are resolute even in the heart of darkness.