See Photo: No Mosque was burnt down in Onitsha, Biafra protesters insist

Central Mosque, Onitsha was never set ablaze
Written by Peter Agba Kalu

Two highly provocative stories circulated across the social media today, one was and still is real the other was first fake before it became a fantasy.

The real story is that the Nigerian Armed Forces once more for the uncountable time, under the leadership of Gen. Buhari as a Commander of the Armed Forces shoot at and murdered peaceful protesters from the Eastern part of the country. The part of the country that did not vote for him. The part of the country that he went to US to tag the 5% that will get little or nothing from him. So, if after within 6months in office the Nigerian Armed Forces under Buhari has murdered several non-violent peaceful protesters from a section of the country that didn't vote for him. And you still haven't figure out vindictiveness in all these then your brain needs to be examined.
So, today again, as has become their tradition, the Nigerian Armed Forces under the Command of the Commander of the Nigerian Armed Forces Gen. Buhari extra-judiciary shoot and murdered a passer by who was not even among the protesters. 

To cover for tracks from facing ICC they sold a fake story about a burnt Mosque. We requested for a picture, the picture as a matter of fact was nowhere to be found. 

6 to 7 hours later some hired miscreants set some empty old zinc attach around the mosque on fire. Pictures we demand, pictures begin to fly. The fake story became a fantasy manufactured by those who could have done better than James Hardly Case.

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Now, the followed it up with Hausas being killed at Onitsha. Now, let me ask you. With the level of peaceful protest that has been going on, do you think any Hausa person will be found anywhere to be killed? 

Passerby shot dead by JTF in Onitsha
Take another look at the picture. Close your eyes and be very intelligent to observe it closely.
Now, let me ask you. 

Is that mosque on fire?

Don't mind that the smoke covered it but that mosque was not set on fire. At Ala Igbo we don't set places of worship on fire like Boko Haram. This picture was purposely taken to divert attention from the murdered innocent bloods. 

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ICC should not be fooled with a story of shooting at peaceful protesters because they turned violent. The bulk stops somewhere. Focus should be on a private citizen that was going on her private business but was murdered. Since this is not first, second third or fourth time these killings of innocent civilians took place under Buhari, documents should start in earnest. So that if not now tomorrow those responsible will be brought to justice.

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