Shocking! What Olusegun Phillips-Alonge told us about President Buhari

Olusegun Phillips-Alonge

ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE: After carefully reading more than twenty of your posts and links you shared, we can't help but like your page. If we had staked a bet of twenty million naira on Buhari's first 7 months in office, we would have been smiling to the bank by now because we got it all well predicted. We are happy Nigeria is enjoying the change they voted for.

OLUSEGUN PHILLIPS-ALONGE: Thank you ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE for giving me a good press and for liking my page. I warned and cautioned Nigerians not to vote for Buhari knowing exactly how he destroyed Nigerian within 18 months in the 80s. I also told them that he is a 6 months euphoric tenant. By this I mean that people will die for him in the first 6 months and thereafter they will be trying to get rid of him at all costs.

I have deleted a lot of my pre election discourse and posts about Buhari that could have sounded like a prophetic vision by now. Nigerians really got a taste of what they voted for. Most importantly, I wish the Yoruba people will really have it rough under Buhari so that they can learn their lessons the hardest way.

Unfortunately, the APC is an insurgency, and no where on earth has an insurgency governed successfully. Hardship, difficulty, and repression are the trademarks of insurgency government. Buhari's regime is moving closer to achieving these 3 goals on a daily basis.

Thank you and have a blessed 2016. Hopefully, there is still a future for Nigeria. At this rate, I fear the cow fulani boy will drive the country off the cliff and inflict irrecoverable damages that may terminate the entity as we know it today. I am really very afraid of his barbaric and uncivilized ways, but who am I to say or do anything about it.

Olusegun Phillips-Alonge is a trained civil engineer and project management professional, his work experience includes working as project engineer for a multinational oil and gas company in Nigeria, and working extensively in management capacity with baseline responsibility for the planning and development of complex high visibility public facilities and infrastructure in the United States.