Tears From The Heart - a romantic but educating story (Episode 7)

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The thought of Sylvia had occupied the mind of Frank, making him to lose concentration at the office recently.

“I think I’m beginning to develop feelings for this Sylvia, but I have to talk to Jane because she is the only one that can give account of her very well,” Frank said to himself.

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Jane who later turned up later in the evening to meet with Frank, was amazed that the whole night’s discussions were centered on Sylvia.

“She is a good lady but my fear is......” Is what? Frank cuts in before Jane could finish her statement.

Yes. I doubt if she is ready to go into a new any relationship for now because of what she suffered from in the hand of her ex-boyfriend. However, I won't ask you to quit but make sure you're sincere to her, Jane replied.

“Come on Jane! You know me too well, I actually do not joke on issues like this” Frank said

Yes. You have a point but I hope you know the adage that says "the only constant thing in life is change"? Human being can change your know, Jane replied.

Just trust me for once, Frank pleaded.

After the discussion with Jane that night Frank could not sleep, many thoughts kept popping into his head. In soliloquy he asked, what if she rejects him. Unable to bear with such possible development he nodded his head in disapproval shouting “no, no I don't need to be negative for now. I need to believe in myself to be able to win her heart.” He said this to encourage himself. However, the thought of her made Frank toss around his bed until he was overtaken by sleep.

Kelvin’s Apartment

The next morning being Saturday, Kelvin was still in bed while Amanda was in the kitchen cooking when Emeka entered.

Hi pretty, Emeka said with a smiling face.

Good morning Emeka, she responded his greeting in an uninteresting manner.

“I hope my man is around?” he asked her.

Yes!!! She echoed back.

Emeka who was dumbfounded over Amanda behaviour pretended while he sat in wait for his friend to be awake so as to enquire from him what brought about all those her nasty attitudes of late.

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Hey my man, this one you come so early today, hope am safe or has your girlfriend caught you pant down with another lady, Kelvin teased him.

Haba!!! You know that will impossible, am not you man! I came to discuss something important with you before travelling to the village but your girlfriend’s facial expression and attitude isn't something to write home about. I hope the fault is not from you this time? He said.

Not at all, Amanda demands too much without thinking whether the money is there or not. All she knows about is shopping, having fun and sex, guess what I’m getting tired of all these nonchalant attitude from her, Kelvin responded with a sincere and mild tone to avoid Amanda catching up with their discussion.

Spell me that mehn! That was what you wanted, so don't complain. If you had listened, you would have brought Sylvia back at least she is satisfying your sexual desires. In fact, ‘make I no carry my mouth put for case wey no concern me before person go pour me hot water’ Emeka quietly said responded and never said a word on that again.

No nah, she will never try such, but wait o, how far nah? Have you seen Sylvia around of recent? Kelvin asked.

No! Emeka answered.

The discussion with Emeka took a long time that morning. Amanda who was already uncomfortable with Emeka’s visit kept calling Kelvin’s attention every single minute.

Sylvia Apartment

Hey babe! I will have a visitor today, said Jane.

Oh! Really? That’s so nice but you better get your lazy ass up from that chair and go to the kitchen and look for what to prepare for your visitor, Sylvia told her.

I think you're right, but why don't come and help me, she pleaded.

Okay Ma. You lazy bone, Sylvia replied jokingly.

They both entered the kitchen to prepare jollof rice for Jane’s guest when they heard a knock at their door.

I hope it is not your guest, Madam, Sylvia said.

I don't think so but just go and check dear, Jane replied.

Let me get to the door, Sylvia said and moved straight to check who was interrupting their cooking.

Ooh… Frank is that you? Sylvia said surprisingly.

Yea, it’s me. You are looking beautiful, Frank complimented her.

Thanks. I am flattered, she responded being shy.

I hope Jane is in? Frank asked.

Huh! Sylvia responded with utmost confusion.

To be continue in Episode 8

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