Vengeance For Biafra: Soldiers Kill Defenseless Shiite Muslims

Dead and injured bodies of Shiite Muslims

 When the Joint Military Task Force invaded Onitsha and Port-harcourt to massacre innocent and unarmed civilians who were peacefully agitating against the incarceration of their leader in the person of Director Nnamdi Kanu who was arrested by DSS in October at Lagos and kept at their custody in Abuja against his wish, some Muslims and northerners jested at Biafrans. They went as far wishing more evil for all Igbo people whether agitating for Biafra or not. One Mohammed Musa who expressed his unreserved hatred for Igbo people said; “kill them all.” But now, the reverse has become the case. Muslim soldiers are now killing their civilians.

Blood of those nine (9) civilians, including the young lady massacred at the Onitsha head bridge earlier on has now come for revenge. A hand soaked in blood never leaves the eyes from seeking for more blood. This has become the current order with the Nigerian military that now kill at will the people they ought to safe-guard.

It would be recalled that 39 soldiers from the NASME attacked a community in the Benue state capital over a lady married to a community member. Reports said that the soldiers laid siege on the community in the north bank area of Makurdi, where they vandalised vehicles, stole mobile phones, TV sets, radio and other belongings of the residents.

Meanwhile, Major General Bamidele Ogunkale, the commandant of Nigeria Army School of Military Engineering (NASME) in Makurdi, has apologized to Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue state, for soldiers’ attack on a community on August 15, 2015.

According to information gathered from the military quarters on December 14, 2015, those soldiers who attacked unarmed civilians in Markudi over a girl and carted away with the properties of the residents have been arrested. However unfortunate, those who shot and gunned down peaceful protesters in Onitsha has gone caught-free. In fact, the Presidency is yet to address the matter but prefers to act through the back doors.

And just recently, vengeance caught on both the Muslims and the Nigerian military with the killing of many unarmed Shiite Muslims inn Zaria, Kaduna State, who according to the SaharaReporters numbered over 100, including the wife and son of the leader of the sect.

In their defense of the criticisms from different Muslim Groups across the world, especially the Iranian Government that has called for a cease-fire, the Military alleged that the sect attempted to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff.

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