15 People Feared Dead as Two Buses Collide Along Ishiagu in Ebonyi State

Accident in Ebonyi State

While we were traveling to Ebonyi State, precisely Afikpo on December 30, 2015 to distribute our latest edition of Atang Cultures & Events Magazine to some notable individuals at about 8:30 pm, we stumbled into one of the most deadly accidents of the season.

The accident happened as a result of over speeding, we observed.

One of the vehicles loaded with 15 passengers including the driver and other goods were travelling in what could be believed to be Afikpo, Amasiri, Oso Edda, Akaeze or Ishiagu when it collided with another bus along Ishiagu and Akaeze, all in Ebonyi State coming back to Port-Harcourt that had gone to drop off her passengers.

Fortunately, the two drivers survived the accident with another small girl who lost her two legs as a result of the accident.

Policemen were brave enough to report at the scene of the accident in good time.

Meanwhile, we were unable to secure any identity of those fifteen persons, who lost their lives as a result of the accident.

In a similar manner, tanker carrying petrol had exploded in Okpanku, Enugu State, killing four persons at the same time.

One of the persons killed by the tanker explosion, a motorcyclist was trying to ride pass the burning tanker loaded with highly inflammable fuel when the fire caught his bike and roasted him beyond recognition including his passenger.

The scene of the accident is an eye sore.

Some residents of the Okpanku told us that the accident was diabolic as a woman had made incantation at the scene of the accident.

May the souls of the departed souls rest in peace.

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