I Will Kill You and Nothing Will Happen, Policeman Tells Victim before Shooting Him Dead in Aba

Father of 2 killed by policeman in Aba

What the policeman who killed a father of two in Aba on Wednesday, January 6, 2015 said before pulling his trigger is just unbelievable. We could not just hold it and that is why we decided to publish it so that you will be more careful when dealing with anyone on a black uniform having a black gun.

It was a very unfortunate scene yesterday in Aba, Abia State as a policeman attached to the Eziama Division shot dead a father of two along Azuka in Ogbor Hill, who hails from Abala in Obingwa Local Government.

We gathered that the young father of two together with his friend were coming back from the mortuary where they had gone to deposit the corpse of his father before the murderous policeman and his colleagues intercepted them.

Argument cum trouble ensued after the policemen tried to seize their motorcycle, which they refused and seeing that they could not, they began interrogating them.

The victim and his friend humbly told the policemen that they were not using the motorcycle for commercial purpose but on a salient mission from the mortuary where they had gone to deposit the corpse of their father. The dudes also told the police that they were coming from Abala and they needed to get some money as was requested by the mortuary attendants.

Uncomfortable with their excuses, the policemen demanded that they should bring money or have their motorcycle seized. But when they could not afford anything at the moment, the argument went higher which attracted the sympathy of passersby.  

Now, what calls for more attention which I suggest is one of the reasons why you are reading this post was what the trigger-hungry murderous policeman said before killing the victim who is identified as Mr Ikeokwu.
The policeman said, “So you are from Abala eh? Criminals! Walahi, I will kill you and nothing will happen.” He pulled the trigger, pointed the gun on the victim’s forehead and gunned him down.

Seeing that the victim was already battling in the pool of his own blood, the policemen got into their ash vehicle and went off. They also abandoned the motorcycle they very heavily demanding for.

Provoked by the death of Mr Ikeokwu, who is based in Port-Harcourt, his brothers from Abala raided Azuka Police Station, sacked all the policemen and freed all the detainees.

However, a report reaching us from the Nigeria Police headquarters in Umuahia, the State capital is that the policeman who committed the act has been arrested and will be tried soon.

Aba residents have called on the police and media organisations in Aba and Abia State as a whole to intimate them on date the case will be tried in court as they will love to witness the proceedings.

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