How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

"Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone."
- Robert Allen -

The struggles you are facing today are never unrelated to the numerous zones of comfort you have built around yourself in the past.

Whenever life's force to do more, achieve more and become more pounds on you, there's this tiny voice from the zone of comfort that says, "Are you trying to mess up all that you've laboured for, for a new level of life you are not certain of retaining for a lifetime? What exactly are you trying to do, leave a place you are celebrated to a place where no one knows you exist just because you want to learn? Don't you know that what must be must be? Why take a chance and probably fail?"
And as this voice grows stronger, connecting the dots in a new and systematic way that would mean CHANGE becomes uncomfortable - even when it was to be in your best interest.

To rise to that level you have always desired, you must consciously search out and make a list of things that puts you in a state of comfort. Separate yourself from those who limits you from stretching your potentials with numerous reasons why you can't make it.

Build a wall of mental toughness that reminds you that minding your business is your business to manage. Write down scores of records you intend to break within a certain time limit, and using the Mind Mapping® Tools, chart your way to the end.

A walk out of your comfort zone is a walk out of a self-created prison. Make it an exciting one.

Take action. True satisfaction comes from taking enough action. Have you ever noticed that the last six letters in the word 'satisfaction' are a-c-t-i-o-n? In Latin, the word 'satis' means enough.

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