Nigerian Guys Are Not Really Broke, See Proof

Written by Angela Nwosu

Nigerian guys are quick to jump into conclusions that girls dont want to date a broke guy, because, he has nothing to offer, financially, but this is not true, in all cases. A girl that loves you, sees you in her future. She wants the best for you. I can date a broke guy, because, am not dating him for financial reasons and because, I see a bright future in him, but will not intentionally marry a broke man. Marriage will not happen, if he continues to be broke.

But I just dont know why broke guys too, want to have a girlfriend.

Guys should note that being financially okay, brings a kind of happiness to their girlfriends/fiancé, not only because of what they will enjoy from you, but because they see their dream being fulfilled through you. You live comfortably in the best house, drive the best car, have a good job/business and all, tell me if your partner wont be proud to show you off.

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It takes a real woman to date a broke guy and help him fulfill his dreams.

I guess some guys wont understand me. I am only asking the guys to work hard and be rich, for their own good, not because of a girlfriend.

Nigerian men are quick to insult any girl that comes here to talk about money in a relationship. Not all girls are after money in a relationship, your happiness is hers too and she knows that you will be happy when you are financially okay, to cater for your own needs and beyond.

If you become financially successful, it is your name that will be known, not your wife/girlfriend's name. See the likes of Dangote and Otedola, how many times do you hear of Mrs Dangote or Mrs Otedola? Is it as often as both men? Mbanu!

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And in case the woman is as successful as the likes of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Mercy Johnson, their husband is as successful as them.

We know all fingers are not equal, not everyone will be very rich. But you should strive to be comfortable atleast, and stop insulting girls for refusing to date you cos you are broke. No girl wants to marry a broke guy.

Buckle up, biko.