#NaijaSitUp First Edition: Mind Revolution: The Panacea to Nigeria's Dwindling Economy with Philip Asuquo

Yesterday, Friday, 22nd April, 2016 at the official launching of #NaijaSitUp, a weekly online program aimed at awakening the consciousness of Nigerian youths to tap into the greatness within them, we had the humble privilege to host one of the most gifted minds in Nigeria, in the person of Philip Asuquotes Asuquo, a Mediapreneur, a Mass Communicator of international value, a Brand Strategist for many organisations including OrangeNews  and a passionate youth Ambassador.

The program also with witnessed the launching of our online entrepreneurship mastermind group called, The Excellent Entrepreneurs' Network (TEEN).

The program was held at the event room of our Facebook group, The Excellent Entrepreneurs' Network - TEEN by 5:00PM.

Like we promised to share the excerpts of his teaching, we have decided to share it here.

Read it below and leave your response with us. We will answer your questions, if any.


Next word you will read will be that of Philip Asuquo.

Philip Asuquotes Asuquo

Once again, thanks for having me. My name is Philip Asuquotes and beyond what Emenike Emmanuel introduced me as, I have always had a strong passion for youths. That passion zeroed in through the years and right now, my passion burns to inspire and raise the next generation of African thought leaders and intellectuals.

The topic for this session was given to me and in as much as I wasn't asked of my opinion, I believe I can still take it up and share some views with us right here on it. What's the topic? MIND REVOLUTION: The Panacea to Nigeria's Dwindling Economy.

First, we need to admit and come to terms with the fact that our economy is dwindling. It sure is not hard to see that. The persistent queues at filling stations and rising prices of food stock and other services in the country is a clear pointer to the fact that our economy is not in a very good shape right now.

You see, the first step to solving a problem is by admitting that it exists. The second step is to start coming up with solutions.

In this session, we will be looking at how we can use our minds to start solving the very problems that plague this nation

Does using our minds to solve Nigeria's problems sound strange to you? Well, it shouldn't be strange to you. You see, the quality of our minds can control our reality. If we have locked minds, we will have arrested development. But when our minds are working and at optimum, we will get a barrage of development thought through by the very citizens of this country.

I was speaking with a UN Youth Ambassador yesterday and he told me that one of the challenges we have in this country is that of unlocking the minds of our citizens. He said there is need for mind re-orientation, especially among our youths. We both agreed on that. You see, many times we tend to think the problem is bigger and outside of us BUT we fail to see that the problem might just be within us.

We tend to want to lay blames on everything and everyone except on ourselves. We blame the government, our teachers, our friends, our parents, the economy, etc. But we absolve ourselves of blames and feel vindicated. But all this has not lifted the problems that hover above our heads and the ones that affect life here in Nigeria.

We need to stop laying the blame on one government or the other OR other such external factors. We need to first gauge what we might be doing that is contributing to the problems this country has and also start realizing that we were born with latent solutions that will help us overcome any quagmire this nation faces.

Hard truth. You are a problem if you are not providing or working on a solution for any of the problems Nigeria is currently facing and yet you call yourself a Nigerian. Do I have to mention the problems we have in this country? Okay, justs wait. I will mention them so that you too can see and look at the ones you think you can solve.

(1) High Cost of fuel due to importation
(2) Poor power supply
(3) Insecurity
(4) Poor education
(5) Youth Unemployment

I will stop at just 5. Ofcourse we could mention a thousand and one billion more. You see, anyone can point out these problems BUT WHO ARE PROVIDING OR WORKING on the solutions that will solve them?

Our youths are concerned about the latest music, fashion, gist, chic, etc while these problems persists. Our leaders are looting and playing lip service to the true development of the nation. Our older men are desolate and are experts in telling us how it used to be better than now. This is indeed sad.

So, who really is solving or making attempts to solve the problems of this nation? 

Where are the solutions to these problems? Are they abroad? Are they in the river? are they buried in rocks? No, they are not. Guess where they are?

The solutions to Nigeria's problems are locked up in the minds of Nigerians.

God will never be so unkind to create a people and not put their solution within them

We come complete. We come born to solve problems but the problem is that we have divided those problems and put some in categories that we expect the government or some international body to solve while we want to solve only our personal issues.

One of such problem that we categorize away from us is the problem of Electricity. Do you know that the person that invented the electric bulb was not a president or politician? Mr Faraday did'nt wait to become president before he invented the electric bulb and gave to mankind. Some of us want to wait till we get into government before we start providing solutions that can help the nation. That is sad.

You don't need a title or any man's approval before yiu can rise and start solving problems.

I'll pause now and return in a few minutes. If you have any questions or observations or solutions to proffer so far, share below.

Also, take a look at the list of 5 problems I pointed out and tell us how you think we can solve them. I promise to give some reward to whomever comes up with a bright idea that can solve fuel scarcity, poor electricity, poor education, youth unemployement and others.

So, I saw what Mr Emenike posted about M.I.N.D standing for Managing Ideas for National Development.

I totally agree with this and I believe it is what we need right now.

While I was in school, I set up a campus newspaper called CAMPUS POST and from the response of it's reading public, it was not like what many were used to.

I used to meet with Professors and politicians just on the grounds that we put up a newspaper that pointed out salient issues and provided suggestions for national growth.

On one meeting I had with a professor, he told me that Nigeria needs a REVOLUTION and that it is the youths that would bring it. I agreed with him. But now, 5 years after leaving school, I have come to realize that indeed Nigeria needs a REVOLUTION.

However, the revolution we need is a MIND REVOLUTION. And from Emenike's description, mind means Managing Ideas for National Development. That is just what we need right now.

We need to conceive and manage ideas that can transform this nation.

Many of us are good at conceiving ideas already but don't know how to manage it to succeed over time. We need to indeed learn and know how to conceive ideas and manage them for the good of this nation. 

This nation needs ideas. Ideas that can be the solution to it's problems. If all of us keep complaining, who will be the ones to conceive and manage ideas that we need as solutions?

Indeed, Nigeria is up to you and me. And until we start conceiving and managing ideas, we will remain a complaining nation that rely on others (foreigners) for solutions. No, we won't leave that to the government alone. Farraday didn't leave his idea of a light bulb to the government to solve. Albert Einstein was not funded by the government when he came up with the law of relativity.

Mark Zuckerberg did not tell the government to create a social media platform like Facebook for people to get on. He did it himself and today we are hosting this session on his platform.

Please note that these men not only conceived an idea but managed it until the whole world adopted it.

How many of us conceive ideas? How many of us are committed to see our ideas work even if it means inconveniencing ourselves while at it?  How many of us stay up at night working on the things that will stun the world when day comes?

To stage a successful MIND REVOLUTION, you will need a mind lab. You will need to experiment in your mind lab on various ideas or one in particular that you know will or can impact humanity
Right now, how many of us can say we have been researching on one project or the other and are close to it's launch? A friend recently said he is researching on how to produce feed for chickens that will make them resistant to disease. He said he shared this with a friend that owns a poultry farm and she told him it was too big and a dream. How many of us are in the category of that my friend who has bright ideas?

How many of us are in the category that will say 'It is too big. It is a dream' ?Well, for our own good, I pray we start realizing that the problems before us will be best solved by us. I don't believe that it is impossible for young Nigerians to invent or innovate on something that will solve electricity problems in Nigeria. I believe that our youths are able to do so and even solve more problems .
All we have to do is to realize that those solutions are in our minds.
Instead of making our minds a theater for entertainers or a court for complaints, we can make it a lab for constant refining of ideas till they reach perfection...not just anyhow ideas, but ideas that will develop this nation.
Are we aware that Facebook employs a lot of people across the world and not just in the US?
That was someone's idea that was started while he was in school.
 It was managed and developed over time and today, even the government relies on it for communication and other things.
In the near future, Facebook will develop further to blow our minds.
That was a small idea started in college that grew to change the world. It was not only concieved but was managed well and is still being managed. The beauty of having a good idea is that it not only transforms your life but that of humanity.
We need to use our minds more as we advance into the next age of humanity.
Our nation is far behind in so many things and we sure cannot continue like this. What makes nations advanced are the advanced minds of the advanced citizens they have.  Advancement is achieved from one advanced mind after the other.
So, we need to realize that how advanced we are in our thinking and idea management is what will advance our country.
It's difficult, if not completely impossible to get anything done that will move this country from where we are today to where we intend to be if we continue depending on the government for everything we know we deserve. We must use our mind creatively to birth solutions to our problems. 
One thing I would like to see happen is our youths looking within and working together to create and proffer solutions through their ideas wrought from minds that are not mediocre.

I wish I had more time. I would have loved to break down just how we can unclog our minds and make it a tool for national development.
That will be a whole different session. I might get to do so in one of my frequent live interactive event called PAQ SESSION and have the audio made available to people who want it.
For now, I want to thank the host for this opportunity. I have been working round the clock for an upcoming conference we have but I just couldn't turn down an opportunity to speak into the minds of African youths.
I'll have to run now. If you have questions, views, or suggestions, kindly drop them here or inbox me. You can also tweet them to @philasuquotes

Next week we shall be hosting the Excel Ajah Anayo, founder of Nigerian University Scholarships on THE MAKING OF A WORLD-CLASS CEO.