Open Letter to Prof Yemi Osinbajo: If Pipeline Vandalism is the Worst Kind of Terrorism; Then Boko Haram is what?

Prof Yemi Osinbajo and Dr Ifeanyi Okowa

I looked into my phone to check some of the latest news across the nation today as it customary to me on daily basis but the news headline I saw at the P.M. News Nigeria website got me thinking. In fact, it is for that purpose that I am writing this open letter to our honourable Vice President
One of the news headlines on P.M. News Nigeria website says, “Pipeline Vandalism, Worst Kind of Terrorism – Osinbajo”

It’s unfortunate that this kind of statement is coming from someone who Nigeria considers as being second in power.

My question is, “If pipeline vandalism is the worst kind of Terrorism, the one done by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen will be what?” ‘Worstest’ kind of terrorism?

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Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President during an interview with journalists Friday, 15th April, 2016 in Delta State after inspecting Forcardos Export Terminal where 48 crude oil pipelines were vandalized stated that vandalism is as bad as any kind of terrorism. He said that the federal government as well as the state government will no longer tolerate that because the adverse effect is cancerous on the economy.

Professor Osinbajo promised that their administration will ensure that it is repaired quickly to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians.

According to him “Federal government is working with the state and Shell Petroleum Development Company to ensure that the damaged pipeline is repaired quickly because government is losing a lot of money since that terminal stopped working. About 300,000 barrels of crude oil daily is shut in which is a great loss to our economy,” he said.

“Pipeline vandalism is what we are trying to curtail and we are beefing up security in the area to ensure that such incidents do not happen again because it has also affected gas production in the country resulting in the epileptic power supply being experienced in the country.”

Also speaking, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, said that the Focardos Terminal was important to the state and federal government as it was the Export Terminal used by Shell Petroleum development Company to evacuate product for sale, stressing that, “all production on land both crude and gas by Shell have been reduced, this is affecting power supply in the country.”

He expressed hope that the repair works on the damaged pipeline would be completed by end of May for operations to commence saying “we were briefed by Shell that the repair works on the pipeline will be completed by May ending, it means that the terminal will become functional soon.”