Politics Today: Nigeria, Who Did This To You?

This question above is what every Nigerian should be asking – “Who did this to us?”
A country that once made it to the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world according to CNN Money review in January, 2015 is today beginning to struggle for survival. As we speak, Nigeria is gasping for breath. 

Every system and industry that once made Nigeria a known entity in the last one year has today crumbled.

How on earth will you expect the power sector to work when the President handed over the most sensitive Ministry to a lawyer who knows nothing about engineering? 

When other countries of the world are bringing up creative innovations to move their country forward, our leaders are busy fighting themselves in the name of war against corruption.
Do you know that until now, the 2016 Budget has not been signed by the President? He returned it to the National Assembly pointing out ‘grey areas”.

Are you aware that the Kaduna State government is sponsoring a bill imprison preachers who preach in the State without license?

Do you know that until now, dollar has not gone below N319 equivalent?

Do you know that until now, Chibok girls have not found?

Do you know that more than one million jobs have been lost in the last one year?

Are you aware that this same people ruining Nigeria today were the same class of people who have been in power for the past 16 years? Some of them have been in the corridor of power as far back as 1970s.

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