The Female Rapist - A true life story (Click to Download)

The Female Rapist

Description of Natasha

Natasha is a young girl of 22, studying Accountancy at the University of Port Harcourt Nigeria but her physique made her look older than her age. She is smart, not too tall, has a sexy colored eye, with a soft boobs, balanced bum bum and a perfect figure eight, something close to Mercy Johnson’s shape. When she walks, her carriage speaks volume. Her emergence at any gathering sets men on fire, making them twist their neck.  

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In fact, she has everything that a man would want to get from an opposite sex. Yes! She is sexy and hot. Her ass is softer than anything you can imagine to be soft. When she sits on your laps, you will never want to let her go because she has got an inbuilt electrifying signal that automatically gets transferred into your system.  

One amazing thing about Natasha is that she is very sensitive. She understands where to touch you to turn you on. You cannot afford not to be in the mood “to do it” anytime you dare find yourself in a secret place with her. Sometimes I wonder  how she positions her ‘ass’ when she sits on your laps – just something better experienced than imagined.

It can only take a devoted Christian who understands the consequences of sexual sin to overcome Natasha from penetrating him. Her voice is very appealing to the ears. Should you try to stop her from getting what she wants, her soft tone of crying out her heart can melt even the stoniest heart.

Hardly will she end her conversation without telling you how she feels. I think she is the naughtiest talker I have ever met.  

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