Tweeting #NotOurSenatePresident is a Waste of Energy, Saraki Remains Our Senate President

Senator Bukola Saraki in Court

From what we perceived as a State sponsored attempt attack on the person of the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, a Twitter hashtag was concocted to make the masses rise against him.

Following the Twitter trend, the hashtag went viral for hours but could not stay beyond five (5) hours after some patriotic citizens (of which I am one of them) rose up to counterattack the hate campaign with our own unique hashtag, #IStandWithSaraki.

Our reasons for counterattacking the campaign targeted against humiliating a sitting Senate President are very simple. First, we believe that shouting, tweeting and retweeting #NotOurSenatePresident is a deliberate attempt by the All Progressive Congress led administration to distract the people of Nigeria from seeing the reality of the hardship ravaging the country. Secondly, it was Senator Bukola Saraki and some of his colleagues from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who helped to save this country from evil plots made to mortgage the future of Nigeria in the hand of few elites.

While masses are dying because of the excesses of the Fulani herdsmen, someone enjoying the cool of his paradise is there asking Nigerians to forget what’s more important to them and focus on discussing ways to get Senator Bukola Saraki down and out.

While the country is in a full state of confusion and hardship because of the epileptic situation of our electricity, someone who chose to ban importation of generator but also uses it at home and in the office is telling Nigerians to fight Senator Bukola Saraki. 

It’s no more news that there’s fuel scarcity in Nigeria and that it has affected so many businesses, forcing some that cannot bear it to shut down, but it never trended on Twitter – and if it did, some of these elites asking Nigerians to unfollow Senator Bukola Saraki never made ‘half-a-tweet’ on that.

I think it is time for youths in Nigeria to sit up and face reality. The future of this country is in our hand and we can’t continue to watch them dictate what we post and who we should fight.
Every enlightened Nigerian who has been following the development with an unbiased mind will definitely know that the hate campaigns and even the CCT trial of Senator Abuba kar Bukola Saraki began after he violated his Party’s choice of imposing a Senate President on the 8th Assembly. He defeated and outsmarted them.

Unhappy with the declaration of Senator Bukola Saraki as the Senate President, Ahmed Tinubu said he will never recognize him as the Senate President. And what did he do at the long run? You may say you don’t know but there’s tendency that he has a hand in this #NotOurSenatePresident stuff.

Say whatever you like, Senate Bukola Saraki remains our Senate President. Save yourself that megabyte for researches on how to make your life better. Tweeting #NotOurSenatePresident won’t make his colleagues remove him.

I am Emenike Emmanuel and I believe in swimming against the tide. Let’s get it right once and for all. #NaijaSitUp.