Why GRAZING COMMISSION BILL is Never in the Best Interest of Nigerians

Particularly, as a patriotic citizen of this country, Nigeria, I think it is a ‘show-of-shame’ for our revered men   and women at both the upper and lower chambers to forgo all the necessary bills that would have encouraged development at all levels just to pursue into signing into law, a bill whose effect will rather be more cancerous.

How on earth will men and women who we sent to the National Assembly to represent our interest justify this Grazing Commission Bill that empowers killers and terrorists to have portions of land in various States across the nation? 

It is on record that these same Fulani herdsmen who this bill is targeted in favour of are the ones killing Nigerians in various villages at random. It happened in Agatu, Udi, Awgu, Borno and so many other places. Yet, instead of crushing them, they are now been offered a sort of “Amnesty” to calm them down from killing more Nigerians.

If one may ask, what’s the difference between Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen?
They both made it to the list of Terrorist Groups in the world, according to Global Terrorism Index. Whether it is Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen, whenever they attack, they kill and burn down villages of their victims.

Instead of giving them permission to spread across the country and subject their host villages in fear, why not offer them the Sambisa Forest which according to the update so far received from Mr Lai Mohammed, the Information Minister, Sambisa Forest has been ‘technically’ recovered by the Nigeria military.

Passing this bill into law that empowers Fulani Herdsmen to have ownership of the best grazing lands in all parts of the country will surely plunge this country into mess. The consequences might not be easy to overcome. In fact, it might end up being worst than the hot effect we are getting from Boko Haram insurgency. This is because, it will now be happening at different villages across the nation.

But isn’t it questionable that the same government that banned RICE IMPORTATION also approved the IMPORTATION OF GRASSES?

Will that stand to mean that cows are now valued more than human beings?

I think there’s a problem somewhere.

The #GrazingCommissionBill is surely not the bill needed to move this country forward at this delicate moment. 

I advise the Federal government to throw away this ideology, since it is never at the best interest of all Nigerians.

 Building cattle ranches for the Fulani Herdsmen in all the 36 States in Nigeria will not stop them from killing their host villages. Rather, it gives them legal backing to defend, sorry I mean, attack their host villages.

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