How to Turn Your Passion into Profit in Nigeria

Source: Tohami

Your God, Your Talent and Your Money.

 I remember vividly some years it looked like life was full of darkness. I had no direction, no motivation and no dream. It was like, "Wake up, eat, visit friends, go for weekly activity in Church, come back, eat and go to bed." I was just surviving, no impact.

It was a terrible experience. In one of my holidays, I visited my parents and in the course of our discussion I said to my Mum, "Mummy, is like God didn't give me any talent, will my life just depend on this certificate I'm working so hard to get?" It came as a shock to her but being a spiritual woman, she rebuked me, saying, "God can never send anyone into this world without a talent, what you should be praying is that God will help you discover it."

It was at that suggestion that my amplified quest for God began. I sought God until He told me, "son, I have been waiting for you." Right there at the floor of my room where I was taking a nap, I held unto the giant Being that has spoken to me sobbing profusely.

Over time, I have come to discover that what I'm doing today and the ones I will yet do tomorrow are the things God said He has been waiting for me on.

 Why am I telling you all these stories?

God will not from heaven throw down houses, cars and billions of dollar of your dream. If He does, then we can as well presume He encourages laziness, an attitude He abhors. I know God won't do that.

When God wants to give you a billion naira He gives you a billion naira idea. When God wants to give you a child, He gives a healthy sperm and a lively ovum. (Remember, only God determines which sperm is healthy and which ovum is lively, not doctors). God of heaven is a God of principle.

The power to create wealth comes through the platform of talent. Unfortunately, only few people have discovered their talent.

 They can never be another 'easier' way to make money than through your talent. It's fun making money at the platform of utilizing your talent. But regrettably, many talented people who make their talents look cheap and "not-worth-paying-for" go home murmuring of how people have used and dumped them.

I have come to find most of such people among intellectual property creators. There's nothing wrong in writing or conducting informational interviews for organisations for free when you are just starting but the challenge comes when you can't figure out when it is time to start charging or how to package your talents so that people will pay.

Why will the same people who will willingly pay a photographer, a graphic artist or a publisher for a job done for them request that yours be given to them for free? The hard truth is, you are the one to be blamed, not them.

There's something you need to know about translating the talent, skill or gift God gave you to money. Yes. That's the true essence of my heading, "Your God, Your Talent and Your Money."

 I began my writing career by giving out free articles to so many magazines and organisations but today, I no longer write for free. I get fair payment for my articles.

How did I make such a SWEET TRANSITION?

The answer is simple. I turned my passion into profit. By crafting a business from my talent, I have been able to translate the talent God gave me into another (major) stream of income. And do you know the GOOD NEWS?

I can help you do the same.

I can help discover your passion.

I can help you interconnect your ideas and talents so that you will stop being that overambitious entrepreneur who ends up not achieving anything worthwhile.

I can help you access other opportunities that are connected to your talent which you may not have known were possible.


I can help you leverage on the internet to build your career. I can help you BUILD YOUR ONLINE BRAND.

I guess you must be thinking, this is too be big to be FREE?

Yes. You are right. It is not free. But the price has been subsidized. 

In our last edition of this paid online teaching program, participants paid the sum of N10,000 each.

These participants are today premium members of THE EXCELLENT ENTREPRENEURS' NETWORK (TEEN). They qualified for my all-round support. Like Jesus Christ, I would say they are now my Disciples - members of my inner cycle. I share most of my secrets with them.

So having subsidized it, in this June Edition of HOW TO TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFIT, I have decided to charge the first set of people who register before 7th June, 2016 (extended by a week) the sum of N7,500.

Only those who register early can enjoy this subsidy. If you want to register from June 1, 2016, be rest assured you will pay N10,000.00 to be a part of the training.

Let's see how eager you are to discover ways you can TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFIT.

Call me if you are interested on +2347036251361