#NaijaSitUp: The Making of Super Salespeople in Nigeria – Episode 1

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Introduction: The Making of a Super Salesperson

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a pop pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege to welcome every one of us to today's edition of our weekly online conference, #NaijaSitUp holding every Friday by 5pm (GMT+1). I'm trusting God that no participant of this conference will log out of Facebook the same way they logged in. There's going to be an impartation of grace to turn what you shall be reading from me here into an audible voice that will guide from making costly mistakes in sales.

Yeah, it has been awhile we held this conference. So many people called and some worried me on my inbox why we have not been active about this online conference. Actually, nothing went wrong, except that I was repackaging the whole thing and at the same time developing new grounds that will help #NaijaSitUp go viral on the internet. Very soon, you will see more manifestation of what I'm telling you now.

Today on #NaijaSitUp, we shall be looking at what it takes for one to become a super salesman - THE MAKING OF SUPER SALESPEOPLE IN NIGERIA. When you see these traits we shall be talking about here today, you can be rest assured that the person will make a super salesman even if he doesn't look like one now.

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Having said that, let me quickly inform us that we have more than enough experts on this forum to help find answers to questions to any question you may feel like asking.

Part 1: Super Salespeople Are Highly Motivated

Like I rightly stated in one of the posts I made on my timeline, it will be very difficult for you to succeed in any career you find yourself in if you don't master the art of selling.

Never say you are not a salesperson. Every one of us are salespeople. It's either you are a poor salesperson, a good salesperson or a great (super) salesperson. At one point or the other we are selling something. It's either we are trying to sell an idea or a product.

Having understood that, the question is, "Are you are a super salesperson?" Can you boast of meeting your sales target every month, either in services or product delivery?

It's hard and I know that. But there are common traits I discovered every great salesperson I have studied, interviewed or heard about have. These traits made them the super salespeople they are. Some of them are natural (meaning they were born with them) while others were acquired.

Wanna know? Read on.


Every super salesperson I know is highly motivated. Most of them are self-starters. They don't wait for a motivational speaker to charge them up before they will begin to test-run their intuition. Once they get an idea of what to do, before you even hear them sharing the story with their friends, they are already doing it.
Highly motivated salespeople don't complain about the harshness of the economy but are always on the lookout for opportunities that will help them double their profit in the same economy everyone is biting the government for.

Highly motivated salespeople don't quit when they are rejected. Instead, they things around and learn.
Salespeople who are highly motivated are always the first to be promoted in a sales team. Nobody can take away the position of a sales manager from a salesperson that is highly motivated. The confidence they instills on their team makes them emerge as the most successful, generating unimaginable revenue for their firm.

What's your view? How has motivation helped you improve your sales? Drop a comment for us.

- Emenike Emmanuel -
Host, #NaijaSitUp and Lead Coach, The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN)