Writing Competition: The Encounter by Ukoha Promise Chinenye

Writing competition


The true life story of my christian life and my encounter with the holy spirit. I was born into a christian family,my parents were well know in our local church. As a young girl i grew up with alot of wrong teachings about God,reason because my parents and my church were too engrossed with church doctrine(i.e they're too religious),they never believe in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. As days turn into weeks and weeks into months even months into years.those teachings began to form wrong image in my mind, Which made me to think that God is an angry God...... In the year 2009 I visited a church,their I got born again but still struggling with my spiritual life as a believer by engaging in some negative habit like stealing,masturbating e.t.c. So one day,at that same church where I got born again. I decided to meet with the pastor to see how I can stop those things,so after discussing with the pastor,he advice me to first work on my mindset by changing the way I think and I can help myself by studying the bible and fellow up class. 
 Which I did. In the year 2011 something happened. I was studying the scripture as usual,when he (holy spirit) walked into my room,and sat face to face with me. I have come to work on your mind said the holy spirit. He starts by teaching me the mysteries in the word of God,his work and the work of Jesus on the cross. He also told me some certain things about my future and I asked him some questions which he answered with smile. He ministered to me and I was filled in the holy ghost. Oh what a meeting! He is so loving and caring, He knows me more than I know myself. Menh! There is no certainty of a man's future without the leading of the holy spirit I said. Since that day I became a new person,He spirit now dwells in my spirit and always manifest to me each time I study the word,pray or mediate on the word. Most times,he talks to me whenever am lonely,even while walking on the road. He now teaches me the word and makes me to understand the word afresh everyday. Now I understand why he is like a river in me,He is the revealer of all knowledge and everyone needs to be led by the holy spirit I proclaim. HOLY SPIRIT IS MY FRIEND, HELPER, AND MY TEACHER. What a gentle spirit.

 The end.

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