#NaijaSitUp: The Making of Super Salespeople in Nigeria - Episode 2

Super Salespeople Know their Products and Services Very Well

The Making of Super Salespeople
Nothing can be more exciting during sales presentation like hearing a salesperson who understands their products and services talk about them. There's an unusual ambient it creates. It's one of the most impressive factors that can move customers to action.

If you desire to become a super salesperson, one thing you must never fail to to do is to have a perfect knowledge of the products and services you are marketing to the public.

Before accepting to market or promote any product or service as a salesperson, it is your responsibility to make your own research on them. Study your products and services, know their benefits and shortcomings, and always be sincere to let your customers know about your findings.

Arming yourself with in-depth knowledge of your products and services will avail you the opportunity to convincingly get your customers to buy. Honest reviews attract and keep customers longer than insincerity. When your customers discover you are honest, they will keep buying. Customers only buy from people they know and trust. But you can't build this trust if you don't have adequate knowledge of what you are marketing.

In order to know more about a product or service before marketing them, here are some important actions you must take:

1. Buy it to have your own experience.
2. Consult available literature materials, like, brochures, catalogues and manuals.
3. Ask customers of such product or service of what they think. You can meet them at online forums or directly meeting them where it is sold.
4. Get the manufacturer's periodicals and study them.
5. Visit the manufacturers. They may likely explain to you certain things no one else could tell you.

Your knowledge of the product or service makes your job easier when making your sales pitch. With your knowledge, you will be able to explain the following:

- Purpose of the product and service.
- Price of the product and service.
- How they work.
- Target audience.
- Alternative products and services.
- Product lifespan.
- Product's historical development.

Sincerely speaking, all things being equal, I will prefer to buy my favourite "fufu" from a vendor who knows the procedure for making "fufu" as compared to one who's just there to sell and make profit. It's believed that people who know their products and services to the core are more likely going to know the features of the inferior ones and that of the superior ones. It's simple.

Before you step out time to market your products and services, always endeavour you have carried out your research about the product or service. Check out what makes yours different from that of her competitors. Step out with boldness and in a matter of time, you will make unbelievable sales.

What do you think about salespeople knowing their products and services to the core? Leave your thought for me at the comment box.