Soulmate Eye Pencils: Your Ticket to Beauty (Now on Sale)

Are you a lady who loves to look classy and always commanding attention when you walk-pass people?

Would you like to be that lady who all the men in your neighbourhood and workplace desire that their fiancée or wife should look like?

If yes, then I recommend that you get this luxury eye candies now. You can never stop sharing the testimony.

It is called “Soulmate Eye Pencil” – a pack which content, 1 Soulmate Eyeliner, 2 Brow Pencils and 1 Highlighter.

Soulmate Eye Pencil is a high performance product manufactured in Germany. It has high intensity colour no competition is yet to match, it’s easy to apply and has great staying power.

This German based formula gives the precision necessary to create the perfect line or the smooth-ability a lady needs to achieve the smokiest of eyes.

Soulmate Eye Pencils are packed with amazing benefits which include its super long lasting nature which makes it last on your eyes for as long as you want it. This pencil is also waterproof, which makes it resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Soulmate Eye Pencil pack

One more outstanding benefit is its fine silk finish which makes it glide easily on your skin and blends seamlessly while giving you a completely flawless look. As if that was not enough, Soulmate Eye Pencil now tops the chart because of how super soft and gentle it is on the face.

What are you still waiting for? Order for yours now and it will be delivered by courier to your doorstep in 48 hours. The most interesting thing is that you have nothing to lose because you can pay on delivery.

Soulmate Eyeliners and Brow Pencils ..…… German formula for sultry eye and smart silky matte finish.

Call Joy on 08036134196 to place your order now. Your luxury Soulmate Eye Pencil pack (containing 1 Soulmate Eyeliner, 2 Brow Pencils and 1 Highlighter) is N4,000 while each of them when purchased exclusively goes for N1,200.

Call Joy on 08036134196 if you want to have yours delivered to you in the next 48 hours. You can pay on delivery if you wish to.

SmartLOOK Cosmetics is the online sales representative of Soulmate Industries.