How to Stand Out on Social Media and Turn Every Single Minute into a Defining Moment

How many of you desires to turn your social media and general online activities into a goldmine?

How many of you desire to learn the cost effective ways 21st century entrepreneurs are using to market their products and services?

If your answer is YES, then I want you to pull your device closer, for I am about to share with you one information that will change your life forever.

You see, in this world we are in, it’s either you are gaining or you are losing. Contrarily to what most of us were indoctrinated with, nobody needs to go down for you to go up – the sky is big enough to harbor us all.

What exactly am I saying here?

You can achieve your dream of managing a billion-dollar investment, I can achieve my dream of reaching billions of lives from the comfort of my home and the person sitting next to you can also achieve theirs.

Why am I saying this?

I want to deconstruct your mind before laying a fresh foundation. In essence, I want you to see the person sitting next to you as a partner and collaborator instead of a competitor.

I want you to leave here thinking, “How can I work with that guy that sat beside me at Aba Entrepreneurs’ Summit to achieve my dream? What do I have of value I can pitch to him right away which I know will be relevant to him?”

Think that way, for that’s the only way to start your journey of success in everything else I will be teaching today.

On social media, you will meet people of different classes, choices and careers – you must socialize with them to earn from them.

Today, I’m gonna be showing you 7 key things you need to do for you to start generating massive income right here on social media.

If you miss any of them, trust me, your communication gadgets and social media accounts will be a liability.

So, you must pay rapt attention fast. Pick your writing pad and start.


We all have one unique mess we can turn into a message, a pain we can turn to gain and/or a failure Ewe can turn into a lesson.

You have yours, I have mine.

You have something special – a special story someone can easily connect with; may be how you lost or quit your job to start a successful business, how you managed to control 10 relationships without any of them finding out. Or how you started an online business with only social capital.

You have a unique message. They may not look like one to you at the moment until you hire a coach. There and then you will realize that you’ve been sitting on a million-dollar business ideas.

Tip: Write down all the unique things that happened in your life which you drew your biggest inspirations from. If it’s more than one then you need to number them in their order of relevance.


Give value consistently.

On social media, people tend to get more attracted to users who give out tons of valuable freebie.

They rally round them, mention them and engage with them more than those that share anything trending, irrespective of the effects on the lives of people.

Giving out so much value positions you as an expert. It changes the perception people have about you.

Tip: Write down at least 5 valuable posts you can develop and share today which are uncommon and rare to find.


Having a target audience is not negotiable. You need to have a target audience if you want to make the values you are sharing to be very effective.

Think about how frustrating it will be to hit the street selling stethoscope or selling dog meat in a community of core Jews.

Frustrating, right?

Now think of selling same stethoscope in a medical campus and your favourite dog meat in Akwa Ibom.

It will easier, right?

When you have a target audience, marketing becomes more cost effective, you make money sales and you save time.

Tip: Who’s your product or service designed for? Why do they want your products or service? And what do they like the most? It should be very precise.

Once you know your target audience, you automatically stop wasting money creating a product no one will buy.


Be Where Your Audience is.

The platform you choose to be active on, optimizing your profile, building your own blog and guest posting.

When you position well, jobs will look for you

5.    RELEVANCE: Be Relevant

Begin with tie down question(s) they must respond YES to.

A good example was what I did when I started my speech. I asked, “How many of you wants to start a new business from scratch and make huge profit with nothing but social media, so that a platform where other folks come to burn their data, laugh and whirl away their precious time will become a resourceful centre for you?

If yes, let me see your hands up.

By making you to say YES and take that little action of raising up your hand, I have been able to figure out if what I am about to say next will be relevant to you or not.

You must understand that we are in a mixed audience; what appealed to one may not appeal to another, so you need to ask their permission to proceed.

Don’t make the mistake of saying the next thing until you’ve ascertained that what you are about to do next will be relevant to your audience or not.

6.    TIMING:

Speak When Your Audience Are Ready to Listen

What time of the day or day in the week do you receive more unique engagement on your page, profile or blog?

You need to time your post if you want to be heard.

Tools: Buffer, Hootsuite


Be Transparent, Work hard enough to be trusted. If they can’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.

You now have the media at your reach. Tap into it to grow your brand.

Newspaper – Blog

Radio – Podcast

TV – YouTube

Live TV – Periscope

Photoalbum – Instagram

Letters/B-Day/Checking up – Facebook

Business card & CV/Resume - LinkedIn

Join the trend – Twitter

Use Education-based Marketing (EBM) – Sell by giving value

No matter how small your niche is or how unknown your products and services are, there’s always a fraction of your present audience who are ready to buy now – experts said it’s about 3% of your audience, while 6 - 7% are open to buy.

Take For instance, if I want to sell a digital service that involves setting up Messenger Bot for people, I can write a post on "Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Messenger Bot."

At the end, I will create an unusual curiosity to know more about Messenger bot and strong desire to own one in my audience.

Pick a topic you would like to consult for a client if need arise and start talking about it.

Note: Don't talk about what you can't monetize immediately.

I never made a post on how to make payment online with ease using internationally accepted card until I had my card and was ready to sell the service to others.

As a result, I had over $100 purchase request in less than 72 hours after the announcement.


Conclusively, I want you to know that it’s not easy to achieve your biggest dream and become an influencer and succeed in life.

If it were easy, there’d be no Bill Gates.

If it were easy, there’d be no Mark Zuckerberg.

If it were easy, there’d be no Evan Spiegel.

If it were easy, there’d be no Tony Elumelu, no Linda Ikeji and no Mark Essien.

No matter what happens, keep working, keep moving and always ensure that you keep your faith alive. You may fall down 7 times, get betrayed and feel like chickening out but don’t quit. Refuse to give up until you breathe your last, for those who gave up never went up. Commit yourself: body, soul and spirit, for without commitment, you can never start and without consistency, you will never finish.

I want you to know that the level of success you are looking for can never be achieved on the platform of comfort. So, get rid of it fast. It will never be easier.