Letterland Academy: The Best School in Warri and Why

Letterland Academy Pupil at the Devotion Ground

Do you have a child or know someone whose child is supposed to be in Primary or Nursery School, and you (or they) are based in Delta State?

If yes, then I want you to take what I'm about to tell you serious. Please, don't trivialize it, don't hoard it and don't try to rationalize it (though it will make sense if you try to, but there's no time to waste - this is about someone's future).

The environment you expose a child at their formation stage has a way it affects how they... will reason in the future; it has a way it influences their perspective to life and of course, can limit their potential except fate says, no.

Letterland Academy Primary School

If there's any investment you must make in and on your child, it must first be in their education. The education of a child remains the highest form of investment - the ROI never ends - it keeps flowing from generation to generation.

But what's my pain point here?

Not many Schools still teach God alongside their curriculum. And that's why we might continue to experience moral decadence in our society until our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, and of course, you and I begin to send our wards to the right Schools.

Letterland Academy Primary Pupils making liquid soap

I have seen Schools and I have also seen Schools but none has thrilled me like, Letterland Academy. A peep into their curriculum made me wish I could turn back the hands of the clock. *** You know what I mean, right? ***

See eh, if you are living in Warri specifically, or know someone who lives in Warri, I want you to extend this blog post to them.

You know why?

Letterland Academy Nursery School

Your child and theirs too need to be taught by the best school, by the best teachers and in the best learning environment. Your child need to be Letterland Academy.

Letterland Academy is currently one of the leading schools in the city of Warri. In Letterland Academy, they don't just "talk and chalk," they do it and also watch their pupils do it - that way, they learn better and become smarter.

Would you like to try and see for yourself?

Go now to: Plot 14, NPA Estate, Airport Road by AJ Eatery, Warri Delta State.

Their conducive learning environment is something every parents desire for their child.

Why wait?

Like their page on Facebook here, facebook.com/letterlandacademy or chat them up now, m.me/letterlandacademy .

Or you prefer to speak with the Administrator? Call 08033901546, 08028955322