5 Best Business Opportunities in Aba Nigeria

If you’ve been thinking of investing in Aba, Nigeria and have been wondering what some of the best business opportunities are, this article is for you.

In this blog post, I am going to show you some of the amazing business opportunities you can invest in Aba, Abia State. Some of them you can start with less than N50,000 and others you will need millions of naira to start.

However, your success in these businesses depend on so many other factors as well, such as, your marketing strategies, business connections, efficient teamwork etc.

Profitable Business Opportunities You Can Start in Aba (Abia State)

If you have the resources and time to start a new business in Aba, here are some amazing opportunities you can take advantage of.

#1. Start a Hotel Business in Aba

With the high influx of tourists and investors coming into Aba of recent as a result of the Made-in-Aba Products being promoted by the Abia State governor, Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, there’s urgent need for more world-class hotels to be built in Aba.

Most of the hotels in Aba as it is today don’t have world-class facilities that can accommodate the likes Presidents. And some of them that do, are simply squeezed up in a corner.

If your intention is to invest in Aba, Nigeria, you should consider starting a hotel business if you have the resources to carry that. Amazingly, Aba already have the workforce/manpower to handle that comfortably, so you don’t need to fret about that.

#2. Start a Fast Food Restaurant Business in Aba

Food, and I mean, good food is a non-arguable need in Aba. A city of highly enterprising residents will always want to spend their money on good food, especially when it’s hygienic and affordable.

In order to speedily outperform those that has been in the industry before you came, it’s important that you pay more attention to who you hire in your management team and how your employees treat your customers.

These two things if not well-attended to can cause great havoc in your business, bringing it down to her kneels. So, you must treat your employees well and demand that they do same to your customers.

To make your new restaurant business a topnotch entity that everyone will keep talking about in the city via word-of-mouth marketing, we recommend that you introduce new meals that are uncommon in Aba. There should be something special about your meals.

And most importantly, close your business backdoors. Don’t spare any employee that steals your money or company product no matter how sensitive that person’s job responsibility is. Of course you should know by now that nobody’s job position should be made indispensable.

#3. Transportation Business

Keke (tricycle) business is a very profitable business in Aba. Many people that began this business in Aba few years ago now have up to 5 tricycles plying the road and generating daily income for them.

If going into Keke business is something you would like to venture into but don’t have the money to start immediately, you may trying getting one on hired purchase. However, this can only be possible if you have a guarantor or a collateral in case the unexpected happens while it’s in your custody.

But if you have the money to get a new one from India, go ahead. Or buy the locally fabricated tricycle in Aba. Where they sell Keke in Aba is at Jubilee by Asa road.

In order to maximally enjoy the profit that comes with owning a Keke or taxi in Aba, I advise that you get all your licenses ready, both local government and State licenses. Also, always ensure you maintain your vehicle and treat your passengers as kings and queens. If they identify you as someone that’s jovial, some of them might recommend you for better position in the future or the wealthy ones might contract you to be bringing their children back from school.

#4. Start a Fashion and Designing Business in Aba

When it comes to fashion, especially male clothing, Aba products still remain the no. 1 in Nigeria. These guys are mad with creative fashion designs. They can sew literally everything.

The area I’m looking at you can start this profitable business in Aba or Nigeria is not necessarily going to learn how to sew, you can make money from this business without ever knowing how to pedal sewing machine, which we call, Igwe China.

Here’s how it’s done… Anybody in Nigeria can still do it.

When you step out with dazzling attire and people love it, request to get it for them at a price slightly above what it took you to sew yours. Go to your tailor and ask him to teach you how to take measurement (you may be charged for this, so be willing to pay). Then go back to the prospect and carry out the measurement, collect advance fee that should cover the entire sewing and return to your tailor.

In order to make more money from this business in Nigeria, ensure you are the one buying the materials. Charge your customers for everything. Get a showroom if you can afford it and always dress neat and smart.

#5. Reselling of Used Clothes Imported from London or US

Okirika (OK) business is still a trending business in Nigeria. So many importers in Aba are living very big on this by simply selling used clothes.

The price of one giant bell or normal bell depends on the content, especially where it was imported from. The US/UK imported clothes are always more expensive.

In a situation you don’t have the resources to start importing giant bells using an intermediary, you can always step out early in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to buy the first grade at a very cheap price which you can resell at a profitable rate. The link above will show how to go about it.

Are there other businesses you think are very profitable in Aba, Abia State or Nigeria in general? Share with us in the comment section.