How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog in Nigeria

Are you a blogger, digital marketing expert, an internet marketer or just a small business owner and you own a blog? This post is for you. I want to show you practical and uncommon ways you can strategically drive massive traffic to your blog in Nigeria.

What I’m about to show you are so real that more than 70% all the posts I ever wrote as a guest blogger for Nigerian blogs are trending in their niches.

If you doubt it, go on Google search and type the following: “Education based marketing in Nigeria,” “Ways to make money as a writer in Nigeria,” “Freelance writing coach in Nigeria,” “Freelance writing niche in Nigeria” etc and you will find some of the articles I wrote for those awesome blogs that for long have been sitting on Google first page for many months.

What exactly am I trying to tell you?

My Story in Driving Massive Traffic as a Blogger in Nigeria

I have done it before and I can teach you how to drive massive traffic to your blog too if you can lend me just 3 minutes of your time to read this blog post to the end.

Honestly, I agree to bargain a payment method to pay you for all that your time is worth if after reading this you discovered that I wasted your time, energy and resources (data bundle).

Yes, it’s as serious as that. But I can assure you that it won’t happen. Probably, you may end up hiring me to strategically implement some of my best strategies that made my business blog, EntrepreneurBusiness Blog, which is targeted at international audience to scale off the roof to the point that I got mentioned as one of the Top 14 Successful Non-Native English Freelance Writers by WriteWorldwide. I was also interviewed by the same blog. Read it here.

More interestingly, my blog became a very resourceful centre that I now get more than 10 guest post requests every week. Even if I don’t want to write again till the end of this year, I won’t bother because I already have enough article waiting in my inbox from guest bloggers.

How did I make that happen in less than a year blogging from one remote village in Akwa Ibom State as a corps member?


I will explain some of them my personal privacy policy will permit me to share now. I’m sure you will find them very helpful if your goal is to boost your blog traffic like a problogger.

Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog in Nigeria

1.       Write Quality Content to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

The best recipe for failure when it comes to blogging is to churn out cheap, low quality and plagiarized contents on your blog.

In fact, it’s the biggest undoing of most bloggers in Nigeria. They are quick to publish cheap and copied content on their blog. They do this and wonder why Google banned their AdSense account, why they are not getting enough traffic to their blog and why they couldn’t make sales on their blog no matter how hard they tried.

My brother, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to increase your blog traffic in Nigeria and drive huge engagement on each of your posts, then you’d better start paying attention to the quality of your article.

2.       Focus on Your Niche to Boost Your Blog Traffic in Nigeria

More than 60% of bloggers in Nigeria don’t know their niche. (This statistics is based on my own personal discovery about blogging in Nigeria).

How do I know?

Most of them that came into blogging because they heard Linda Ikeji makes millions of naira every month from her blog want to blog like Linda ikeji. So they went on to publish just anything that comes to their mind; from webmaster tricks and strategies to news, entertainment, politics and commentaries, health, business, religion and even pornography in one blog.

[If you are guilty of that, just know that you are still 10 years backward. Don’t tell me it’s an online newspaper. Expert bloggers know how to customize e-news so that it will look like one. (More on this in my next post)].

What’s their target?

They want to appeal to everyone.

How do they end up?

They end up more frustrated than when they first began. Google will penalize their blog, ban their AdSense and they confuse their audience.

After a long while of not listening to the signs that it was time to quit blogging in the same old fashion, they pack up, go home and either blame their ancestors for not allowing them to see success in what every other persons are achieving success in, including our multimillion dollar, Linda Ikeji or they resort to saying, blogging in Nigeria doesn’t work.

Here’s the point….

Find your niche and focus on it. Don’t try to satisfy everyone – you won’t succeed – and you may never drive huge traffic to your blog doing that.

3.       Promote Your Blog to Increase Your Blog Traffic in Nigeria

You might end up writing for yourself, two of your best friends that don’t want you to fail and your family members who to an extent understand how to access articles online if you don’t promote your content.

The growth of every blog still obeys the 80/20 Rule.

How does it work?

Spend 20% of your time creating new content and 80% of your time promoting the ones you’ve created already. Same thing applies when trying to promote your business.

You can achieve this by guest blogging, running Facebook Ads (where you are to scale only those contents that had wide acceptance), commenting on other authority blogs in your niche, word-of-mouth marketing etc.

When you handle this promotion aspect like a pro, here are some of the things you will experience:

§  Your blog traffic will increase

§  Your Alexa ranking will go up

§  Your conversion rate will increase

§  The percentage of your search result will increase

§  You will be very proud to call yourself a blogger.


I wish I have all the time to share more in this blog post but all the same, drop your questions and I will be back to answer them.

Just before you go, please understand this, blogging is supposed to be fun, don’t complicate it. Honestly, I have learnt that driving massive traffic to a blog is not actually the hardest part of blogging in Nigeria. May be some other time I will share on that.