How Abia State Government Can Encourage Made in Aba Products

With the heavy weight the current governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has thrown in support of made-in-Aba products, it’s obvious that very soon, everyone in Nigeria will begin to use products made in Aba. That’s if that has not already began to happen.

Aba, Enyimba city, which many has nicknamed the Japan of Africa remains one of the giant industrial cities in Nigeria. This is a city where more than 80 percent of her residents are business people. Interestingly, many are true artisans who can design and creatively copy any technology irrespective of where it was imported from.

Today in Aba, you can see people constructing locally made tricycles, manufacturing high quality shoes, belts and many other leather works.

However, despite all the wonderful efforts the State government have put in to create awareness of the creative genius of a common Aba man, we’ve also noticed some loopholes which we think it will be important to call the attention of the administration of Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and other well-meaning Abians to. By critically looking into these areas we shall be outlining shortly, Abia State Government will to a large extent have encouraged made in Aba products.

1.       Make People to Be Proud of Made-in-Aba Products

Little encouragement can go a long way in enhancing the productivity of these artisans who are working day and night to come up with designs they can export to foreign lands.

However unfortunate, most Aba residents are not proud of goods made in Enyimba city. And because of this, the manufacturers have resorted to giving wrong labels to Aba made products just to make sales.

Abia State government must consciously carry out a proper reorientation in Churches, markets, schools and organizations geared at making people to like their own products. They should be informed of the benefits buying made in Aba goods can help to turn the financial situation of the State around. They should be informed of how Aba residents will benefit from it if investors begin to troop into the State.

Pastors and other thought leaders in the Abia should be encouraged to talk about it. And most importantly, artisans who agree to label their products, “Made in Nigeria” and with their office location as Aba should be given more credit.

2.       Construct Roads Linking to All the Markets Where Made in Aba Products Are Manufactured

Aside security and stable government, good roads remain the pivot upon which every other form of development can be triggered.

In order to encourage made-in-Aba products, Abia State government should start paying more attention like never before to constructing new and old roads that will be linking all the markets and industrial estates in the city.

When there’s an easy movement of raw materials and finished products in Aba, investors will find it fun to come around, and in turns, our people will save more costs.

Faults road, Port-Harcourt road, Ngwa road, Ohanku road and other Ariaria environs should be given proper attention in terms of road construction. I’m aware the State government have started work in some of these places I mentioned but it’s important the construction companies handling these areas intensify their effort.

3.       Reduce Tax and Fight Against Double Taxation

It is true taxation is the major revenue channel of every government, Abia State included, but if we want to see our local manufacturers do well, the government must have to reduce the rate at which businesses in Aba are taxed.

Not just that, double taxation must be fought to a standstill. When people hustle for the government only, it discourages them from expanding their business, discourages investors (big and small) from coming in and also affects the flow of cash in the city, leading to capital flight.


Made-in-Aba products have all it takes to compete at the global market if the government can continue to intensify the effort they are already putting into it. Most importantly, wealthy sons and daughters of Abia State should as a matter of urgency start bringing their investments home. Siting a branch of your multinational company in Aba or any other part of Abia State will go a long way in reviving the dignity of the State.

Now over to our readers….

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We said “Aba” because we believe that once Aba is developed, every other parts of the State will fall in place.

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