How Freelance Writers in Nigeria Can Become Highly Paid

Becoming a highly paid freelance writer in Nigeria is not a game of luck. You’ve got to be prepared to kill competitions in your niche in order to stand out, or rather, you should stand out in order to kill competition.

If you want to make money online in Nigeria with little or no experience and with no startup capital, there are only but two businesses I recommend that you start with.

These businesses are so amazing that you can even be a remote worker and still earn big in them as long as you have access to the internet. And if you’re the indoor type like me, you can work from your bed from morning till night only to step out when you feel like eating, brushing your mouth or taking your bath.

Sometimes I just wish I had someone who was willing to explain in details how these online businesses could be managed in Nigeria like 5 years. But I wasn’t that privileged like most of you reading this article is today.

So what are these businesses?

The first is affiliate marketing and the second is freelance writing.

Like you already know, I don’t promote get-rich-quick businesses and will never be a party to it – so don’t think these online businesses I’m presenting to you are part of them.

I would have loved to discussed these two businesses in details but time won’t permit that so let me focus my attention on freelance writing in Nigeria, and if you are patient enough to read this post till the end of it, I will make you an offer of the latest affiliate marketing business you can grab now and start making money immediately without any startup capital.

Enough said, lets dive in.

How can a freelance writer in Nigeria command better writing fees?

Step 1: Focus on Your Freelance Writing Niche

The impact of niching down can’t be overemphasized if your desire is to become a highly paid freelance writer.

It’s shocking that many writers in Nigeria don’t know their writing niche, and as such, are willing to take up any writing job as long as it can bring in a few naira every month they can survive on.

Do you know what the result will be?

They end up making a mess of themselves.

I remember someone reaching out to me some months ago to write a movie script for her. She had the money to pay instantly but I turned her down because script writing is not my niche. I wouldn’t want to make a mess of my writing career in a niche that’s not mine just because money was involved. Swiftly, I contacted another writer who then contacted another that took the job.

Yesterday, on my Facebook timeline, I helped a friend of mine that needed to hire writers for his blog to spread the news. I was impressed that so many people picked interest to take the writing job but my shock was in the fact that so many of them could not specify their writing niche.

Though I was not in a position to decide who takes the job, but if I was, I would have picked those that were able to narrow their niche.

So the big question someone reading this will be asking now is…

How will focusing on my freelance writing niche improve my writing fee?

Good question.

Here’s the answer.

Your clients will perceive you to be an expert. Period.

How do experts behave?

They know so much about a little. They know exactly what readers would like to know about a specific industry or sub-niche and are willing to communicate that in the most understandable way.

Step 2: Start a Blog to Increase Your Freelance Writing Fees

It’s simple. I don’t need to talk so much on this.

Freelance writing in Nigeria is fast growing. But unfortunately, not many writers are experiencing this growth in their finances. While so many writers are struggling to make money online, those who are intelligent enough to build their own writing platform through blogging excel with ease.

Some of the reasons I recommend that freelance writers in Nigeria should create their own blog include but not limited to:

§  It’s easier to call your writing fee without feeling like one in a hot seat.

§  Your blog coincidentally is also your writing resume.

§  Prospect clients will find it easier to vet your capacity before deciding to work with you.

§  Marketing your writing skill is easier using your blog.

§  There are so many other ways you can make money as a writer in Nigeria if you have a blog.

§  Your blog can grow into a huge company if you don’t quit.

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