How to Know Your Freelance Writing Niche in Nigeria

Freelance writing in Nigeria is fast growing. Unfortunately, most people seeking for more ways to make money online are yet to realize this. The reason is not far from the fact that they are yet find their freelance writing niche.
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Knowing your freelance writing niche and focusing on it is the surest way to commanding the fee you think you deserve.

These days, you can't claim mastery of all writing niches and you expect your prospects to swallow that hook, line and sinker. You must choose a niche, whether your plan is to start a blog business or write for clients.

Why You Need to Find Your Freelance Writing Niche

You can’t be everything to everybody and expect to win. If you try it, you will find freelance writing in Nigeria more frustrating.

Do you know, why?

Clients hire specialist writers and not generalist. And if they ever will have anything to do with a generalist, the price they will pay will be so small that you can’t afford to survive depending on that alone.

If you are struggling to command higher writing fee or you think your writing sucks, it’s probably because you are yet to figure out what your writing niche is.

In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you 3 ways to know your freelance writing niche.

How to Find Your Freelance Writing Niche in Nigeria

Step 1: Know Your Freelance Writing Passion

Like I’ve often said, “Where there’s passion, there’s profit either now or in the future.

Spotting what you are passionate writing about is a great way to know what your freelance writing niche is.

I understand the fact that you may not know exactly how to monetize your current kind of writing at the moment but don’t fret, my quote above should motivate you to keep writing.

There’s something great about passion and profit we can’t really figure out so soon, but with time, profit tends to flow in the direction of passion.

What’s that supposed to mean?

If you are passionate about writing songs, comedy or even about cars, focus on it. As long as it’s something you have passion for, finding a way to make money writing it will always become easier.  Here's a guide on how to turn your passion to profit.

Step 2: Give Attention to Freelance Writing Niche You Are an Expert in

Your five years as a political leader, one year IT at a car shop, 3 years as a lecturer, 5 years of working with an accounting firm and 10 years travelling round the world must not be in vain if you are considering coming into freelance writing.

These jobs I mentioned and more if tapped into are enough to make you the best freelance writer Nigeria ever produced.

Most interestingly, you can start a blog in any of these writing niches and with the experiences you’ve gathered over the years and the new platform you’ve built, those people you worked for in the past might be your first clients.

How do I know?
They will pay to advertise on your blog.

Step 3: Focus on Top Paying Freelance Writing Niches

Ordinarily, no niche is better than the other in terms of payment. What makes the difference most times we don’t really realize is the portfolio of the writer.

Same article our adorable Bamidele Onibalusi may charge so much dollar for, you, that’s not yet popular will charge a few bucks.

So what’s the difference?

Portfolio. He has it. He has been featured in Forbes.

However, for writers at the same equal level of expertise or is believe to be at the same equal level, there’s still a clear difference in what different industries are willing to pay per article, an eBook, a press release or even a product description.

If at the time of reading this post you are still struggling with knowing the top freelance writing niches in Nigeria, then I recommend that you check the industries with the highest Pay-Per-Click (PPA). These industries are most probably the highest paying niches.

You can go deep into it if you are already knowledgeable about it or have the patience to learn and practice. Otherwise, go for your passion and expertise so that you don’t end up a mediocre.


Are you passionate about something? Do you have a past experience working for a company before or even currently? Or do you know of any freelance writer earning 6 digit figures income in Nigeria?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I’m sure I’ve fulfilled my goal of helping you discover your freelance writing niche.

All you need to do now is to go ahead and implement them immediately. And if you need any guide on how to build your freelance writing platform and start commanding higher fees, then I recommend that you take my course, FREELANCE WRITING COACHING CLASS.