How to Promote Your Business in Nigeria Like an Expert to Have Maximum Return

You have established your business and it’s doing just fine. But, you want it to do great. You want it to kiss the new heights and sore the skies. You want your entire target audience to be aware about your brand name and want your company to top all the charts. It’s your dream to master how you can seamlessly promote your business like an expert.

But, how can you achieve that by just doing your work and providing your services to your existing client list? You definitely are required to do things more than that. You will have to gear up and market yourself so much that people start following your brand and it becomes a cult. You must do it to such an extent that people feel pride in getting associated with it.
That’s when you will generate the revenue that you have been dreaming about when you started the business. That is when you will attain success, fame and glamour. That is when your brand will finally be at the peak of its prime.
The truth is that it is not easy to reach that point. However, with a bit of guidance you can at least get on the right track towards attaining your goal. So, today, lets take a look at the various ways by which you can promote your business to get maximum returns.  

How to promote Your Business Like an Expert

Promote Your Business Through Selling

This is the first step towards reaching your dream. This is the most primitive and yet most trusted form of marketing that is followed by major brands across the globe. However, it applies to you only if you are someone who is client or customer specific and has a specific nature of business.
For instance, if you are a pest control service provider then you can get your hands on a local data base and call everyone to get them aware about your presence and to generate business via that medium.

However if you are a store that deals in office and other commercial stationary such as pens, registers, printers, school accident books, etc. then this method won’t work great for you. In such scenarios, you will need flyers and brochures marketing your brand.

Flyers and Brochures

Talking about the flyers and brochures; these are pages or little booklets that contain information about your brand. They are given across to people on a random basis just to advertise about your brand.
They are generally used to advertise your company or business in the vicinity of your business entity, as it makes no sense in distributing flyers of your business in the area that is miles away from your place of business.  


The above mentioned points are great for small scale businesses but what about large business that want to promote themselves? For them comes into picture, marketing. Marketing is a huge sphere that consists of traditional marketing, activations, advertising, digital marketing and promotions.

Traditional Marketing

Talking about traditional marketing; it is the approach that is not much into use these days. Cold calling and cold mailing were the key strategies then. Unfortunately, people were not having time to check their mail boxes, thereby frustrating marketing efforts.


Advertising essentially involves you to advertise your brand in newspapers, magazines, TV radio, etc. Advertising is in its prime these days as every brand is looking forward to advertise itself. However, if you want to advertise your brand and want to ensure that the public notices your brand then you will be required to advertise yourself very smartly.
You will then need to hire an ad agency that excels in making creative ads that are way different from the general cliché ads of todays time and are great to look at due to their clutter breaking nature. That’s is when people will take your ads into notice and your brand will receive a great exposure.

Digital Marketing

Advertising, though is in its prime, it cannot be doubted that digital marketing is putting all its wits to overtake it by putting a large leap ahead. It is in the process of it for now, there won’t be a time when digital marketing will be ‘the thing’ in marketing that everyone will sought after.

This is because the world is turning digital and so, people are spending a significant amount of time on their mobile phones and laptops. In such scenarios, it will be great for you to invest more in digital marketing, as Internet is the best place where you can track and target your customers and get them aware about your brand.
This will give you a hand over your competitors who will be busy getting engrossed I advertising and underestimating the power of digital marketing.
Digital Marketing basically involves using social media for the sake of marketing and optimising your site on various search engines. This looks far better than the traditional advertising because people are very much busy with their social media handles and targeting them there is the best thing you can do to market your brand.
While talking about optimising your site on search engine, the process is called, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is a technical process by which you improve your websites ranking on the Internet, thereby getting your website in the initial response list of any search engine after a search is run.
People being always in hurry will stay reluctant on visiting sites that are on the second page of the search engine. This means that all the traffic will get diverted to your site if you do proper SEO and your site gets reflected on the first page of the search engine after a specific search is run. How much better can it get? This will obviously guarantee you great exposure and ultimate promotion.


Activations generally involve interacting with the general public and getting casual with them. You as a brand can setup an even in a public space and then can have the common public participating in that event. This will then get them aware about your brand and will also get to associate with it. Activations coupled with social media, is the best thing to do these days to obtain optimum exposure form the public.

Promotional Products

Promotions are generally done through the usage of promotional products. You can have an item, for instance a cap; then you can print your company logo and the brand name on that cap and have your company representatives distributing the cap in a hot and sunny parking lot outside a mall. People love free gifts and they will obviously accept it.
Now, the catch here is that while you use this marketing technique, you have to use a product that will be happily used by your target audience so that when they use it, they will expose your brand name printed on the product to the other public and that will eventually promote your brand.
So, these are the main techniques through which you can promote your company to get maximum returns. Use the ones that suit your brand the best and also fit into your budget.


Lewis Khan works as a professional writer with Limetree Marketing, that excels in supplying office stationary and computer essentials. Lewis has done a major in marketing and advertising. That is why, he takes up to write few blogs based on the same subject to impart his knowledge to others. Other than writing, he is also involved in swimming and prefers teaching it to children in his free time.