How to Start Making Money Online in Nigeria While You Sleep

Multiple ways of making money online in Nigeria are fast increasing. In fact, we must be honest with you that we are glad with the way Nigerians are beginning to embrace various online businesses most people used think were fraudulent.

A good example is this, making money while you sleep. Even till date, most people in Nigeria don’t believe it is possible to make money while on vacation, while they sleep or as a side hustle.

Warning! If there’s anything I must warn you about before reading this post, it is, don’t argue about anything you are ignorant about. Your ignorance of something doesn’t mean it’s inexistent.

Having said that, let’s quickly move into various ways onecan make money online in Nigeria while they sleep.

Step 1: Start a Blog to Make Money While Sleeping

Wait. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Running a successful blog in Nigeria that’s capable of generating massive income while you sleep requires a lot of time, resources and creativity.

To start a blog business in Nigeria, you will need a custom domain name, self-hosted blog and a premium theme. All of these put together will guarantee you ownership of a blog that has all it takes to make money faster.

As an organization that has been in the business of blogging, we recommend you buy your domain name from NameCheap, get your web hosting from Siteground and premium theme from MyThemeShop or ThemeForest. If you are running on a low budget, we suggest you only pay for custom domain and ThemeForest premium theme while you skip self-hosting – in that case, you will use Google hosting platform called, Blogger to set up your blog. We can as well do it for you at a fee.

Once your blog is set up, you may choose to publish sponsored post, display adverts on rented spaces or use advertising networks like Google AdSense, PropellerAds etc., and make money with any of these methods.

If you have high organic traffic or your keywords have high CPC, you will make huge amount of money from this.

Step 2: Enroll into Affiliate Marketing to Start Making Money While You Sleep

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Affiliate marketing is simply a marketing method where commissions are paid to affiliates for the number of customers they bring or the number of leads they generated.

How does it work?

When someone buys through your link, the affiliate company will pay you a commission. The fastest way to start earning via affiliate marketing is to join the affiliate programs of the companies you bought your domain name, web hosting plan and premium theme from.

If you can, convince your friends and family members that want to own a blog that they should buy through your affiliate links. Or at best, keep writing articles about your niche and be recommending your products and services you are an affiliate partner to.

Step 3: Sell eBooks to Start Making Money Online in Nigeria While You Sleep

Publishing and selling ebook is an awesome way to make money online. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still make money selling eBooks on social media like, Facebook. All you need to do is to be sure that the content you want to create is what your audience truly want to buy. Once that is settled, then you can proceed to getting a landing page from an email hosting company, link it to your Facebook page, boost the post and people will start opting in to buy. At this point, you will not only sell to them, but you will also have their email address for reselling in the future.


There are many more business ideas you can implement to start making money online in Nigeria but let’s stop here. Though short and simple but we are sure this blog post will be helpful to you if you want to start making money online in Nigeria.

However, if you find any of these online money making ideas difficult, do well to contact us.