How to Use Social Media to Build a Celebrity Platform in Nigeria

Last week, I went live on my profile using the Facebook live audio that was newly introduced....

I noticed that in the same manner people would tune in to their favourite radio channel, people also tuned in to listen to me. I was transmitting live with my phone on social media while walking down the street where I had gone to see my friend, Godswill Igbokwe.

What exactly am I saying here?

Here it is, social media has come to stay, so the earlier you start using it to build your business, the better for you.

On that note, let me share with you the first thing you need to do to start using social media for business..

Are you ready? Here I go....

Step 1: Don't Make People Question Your Identity in Nigeria 

Your greatest undoing in trying to build a platform on social media is when you make people question your identity.

This is where the use of pen name, nickname, fake profile pictures and what have you comes into play. Don't do it. Let nothing, and I mean nothing, replace that your sweet and handsome looking face.

Without being told, before people get to do anything serious with you on social media, they check you out. And if you fail that test, you've failed everything.

In a nutshell, ensure that the name you have on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Sim Card registration with the network providers, I.D Cards, and of course, your bank accounts are the same. If you do these things, you've gone a long way in answering some unasked questions in the minds of the people you shall be dealing with on social media.

If you must use a pen name, please, try and Google it to be sure someone with a questionable identity isn't using it. I stopped using "Emchis" when I discovered it had a different meaning in Turkey.

Summary of Step 1

Platform building is the No. 1 step to attracting prospects when your competitors are busy chasing after them. At that point, you are at liberty to own the stage, call your price without feeling pressured and they will amicably respond to you with cash at hand.

Having known in my previous post how important using your true identity is when it comes to doing business online, especially via social media, permit me to move straight to our next lesson for the day.

In order to start using social media to build your platform, here's the second thing you need to do...

Step 2: Spend time, money and energy to learn more about your industry. And with what you've learnt, influence others

Last year December, I bought a book written by my internet marketing mentor, Ronald Nzimora, titled, "Sell Your Brain". And just within that period, my Mum, Royal T Anderson also signed me up for a mentoring program with Pam Perry.

Throughout that December, I spent most of my time learning and rehearsing how to package everything I've learnt on Freelance Writing and in January, 2017, I launched my first official online course. Since then, I've never looked back.

That course, has gone on to become one of my most influential weapons online.
How does this apply to you?


You may not be a freelance writer but there's always something to learn about your industry. Or should I say, there's always something to learn every time you invest your energy and resources to discover more about your field?

Beyond learning what the coach is saying, you will learn what he's not saying.

Now, I want you to critically assess yourself with these questions... You can write them down in your journal.

~ What business am I into?
~ Who can I learn more about my business from?
~ Who are the people in need of what I have to offer?

I'm talking about the things you know already and the things you will be learning later.
Write these things down and start making move to achieving them, asap.

Summary of Step 2

Building a platform on social media can be very difficult and as well very easy, depending on your approach to it.

Your approach will determine if you will hit a brick wall of limitation and an unrepentant decision by your audience to listen to you or not.

In order for you to experience the easy side of building your platform on social media, you must first conquer your self-limitating forces that tells you things like, "You are not good enough, nobody in their right senses will care to listen to you, you need more qualifications before your impact will be felt and so on and so forth." You can name others, I'm sure you got what I'm saying.

Once you deal with this enemy within, the enemy "without" will be very toothless to limit you.
So what's the supposed enemy "without"?


When I say "rigid audience," I'm trying to talk about those prospects who even though they need your service or product (and of course, are also aware you are the only solution they can remember at the moment) but will never buy from you.

One might be forced to wonder, "Do this kind of people exist?"

Oh yes! They exist.

In Church, you will find them among those people that will refuse to come for Altar call no matter how hard the Preacher tried to convince them that this Altar call is for every Christian.

Haha... Are you guilty, too?

Don't look at me like that. I'm still the Emenike Emmanuel you know.

So how do you deal with this kind of situation in an attempt to use social media to build your platform?

Yeah, that brings me to the main topic of discussion...

Step 3: How to Break into a Rigid Audience in Nigeria (You may choose to tag it, How to Break Into a Crowded Industry)

My dear, appreciate the fact that you are not the only person in that industry you are trying to use social media to hijack. You are competing for the attention of a particular set of audience with other industry gurus. So how you play your card will determine what your end result will be like.

Having known that, it's important that you follow these steps I'm about to share with you now.

1. Find your niche in Nigeria and give your undivided attention to serving your audience.

2. Share valuable content about your niche so that you can start attracting people of like minds and people that needs your service.

My opinion here is not against finding a hungry market and giving them what they want. If you do your research very well while finding your niche, you will ultimately go for a hungry market. Did you get it?

3. Disappoint their prediction

Their prediction is that you will soon sell to them but don't fall for that. Sell to only those that have known you, trust you and believe in your capacity to deliver to them
Until you break their rigid barrier, don't sell them anything.


Thanks for your patience to this very moment. I'm sure most of you must have been expecting the concluding part of this topic. My silence has not been intentional, I was actually overtaken by work. But however, let me drop this before I return to meet with my students tonight.

I have said it before and I want to repeat it here again.... "If you can't create something innovative, you should be wise enough (to subject yourself) to learn how to use other people's products to grow your business (or skills)." A good example is, "Facebook".

Today, I had the privilege of hosting one of my most revered clients, Evangelist Joshua Orekhie, a man gifted with the uncommon wisdom to interpret all manner of dreams. It was an exciting experience hearing, and of course, seeing what God was doing through him.

Honestly, he has truly gone deep in unraveling the mystery of dreams, but what got me more impressed was seeing that this ministry that has blessed close to a million lives started on this same platform, Facebook, that you and I is using now. From there, he proceeded to building the No. 1 dreams interpretation blog in the world.  Try typing "Dream Evangelist"

As we speak, his Facebook page is currently at 134k purely from organic traffic. While we were chatting for close to 5 hours thereabout, over 500 Facebook fans joined the page.
Why am I sharing this with you?


~ If you are gifted, you need a platform.
~ Anyone who gives you a platform can take it away from you. But if you chose to build it yourself, you own it.
~ Interestingly, social media has made it easier for ANYONE to build a strong platform and own it.
~ Stop that lame excuse that your Church, village people or family members don't support creatives.
~ People that have platform don't give platform to people that don't have a platform.

4. Be Consistent to Build Your Celebrity Platform in Nigeria

Building a platform takes time. How long it will take you to start commanding a huge audience that run in millions is a function of the level of information available to you.

But guess, what?

Being consistent makes the journey to greatness fun. As you gain mastery of your craft, dishing out valuable information becomes natural to you. And without necessarily hacking people's psychology, they will beg to follow you.

No matter how hard it gets, as long as you know you are in the right path, keep doing it. Don't take a break.

5. Create a Product to Build Your Celebrity Platform in Nigeria

Platform building will only yield little in your overall financial status if you don't have a product or service to sell. ["How to Create the Ideal Product or Service" has already been dealt with in one of my online courses].

As you grow your platform, you must start figuring out what your audience really want so that you don't end up with more than enough parasitic consumers that your business, skills and ministry can handle.
Can I stop here?
I wish to continue but no, let me pause it here.
Over to you. Let me know.... What's the challenge you are facing when it comes to using social media to build a platform?
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