Pictures of Young Medical Practitioners that Broke the Internet Last Week (Parents Must Read This)

As I was scrolling through Facebook news feed up and down this wet afternoon, I stumbled on a friend's update. In her update, I saw pictures of young people, probably not above 5 years old, who were dressed in medical regalia. ...
Pupils of Letterland Academy

Sighting those photos brought back so many memories of my childhood dreams. And most importantly, it reminded me of my personal decision to consciously determine the career fields my children will flourish in, based on their natural interest.

How is this possible?

By consciously reading meaning into every single act your child demonstrates, you can predict if he will make a great scientist or a literary giant.

And when that's achieved, it will become easier to know the kind of books and games you will buy for each and schools they will attend.

Interestingly, while I'm here thinking it, a school somewhere in the city of Warri is already implementing it. Isn't that amazing?

These pictures you are seeing here are pupils of Letterland Academy, located at Plot 14 NPA Estate, Airport Road by AJ Eatery, Warri, Delta State.

One of the hallmarks of good parents is to give their children the privilege to enjoy the best things of life, especially as it has to do with quality education. No child should be denied that. And if you ask me to suggest, I will recommend Letterland Academy.

Do you know, why?

Not only do they have the best of curriculum and perfect learning environment, their teachers also know how to positively speak into their wards.

These pictures are indeed worth spreading.