3 Reasons You Need to Start a Blog in Nigeria

Telling you to start a blog in Nigeria will be useless if we don’t tell why you need to own a blog. Unfortunately, many people that called themselves bloggers don’t even know exactly why they started their blog or it might that they came into blogging for the wrong reasons.

In this article, I’m going to be showing you various important reasons why you need to start a blog today, if possible after reading this post.

First, let’s look at why it’s necessary that you know what your WHY is..

Why Knowing Your “Why” is Relevant to Becoming a Successful Blogger in Nigeria

§  Knowing why you want to create a blog activates your ingenuity

There’s an uncommon height of creativity that lands on you the moment you start blogging or the thought of updating your blog comes. Surprisingly, you will see yourself thinking in a direction you never imagined was possible.

§  When you know why you want to own a blog, abuse is defeated

It’s funny to say this but that’s the truth – many blogs are under abuse. The bloggers managing those blogs have recklessly abused the blog so much that when you land there you will wondering what exactly what the blog is all about.

§  When you know why having a blog is important, you put in more energy and resources to make money from it

An uncommon motivation comes on you when you realize that you are making money from your blog. At that point, you can go any length to invest in your blog, both time and financial resources.

§  When you know why you want to start a blog, it gives you clarity on the association to keep

If you want to run a successful blogging career in Nigeria, it’s not everybody that should be in your list of friends or at least your close friends. You must carefully choose your friends. Your association must be full of bloggers in Nigeria and outside that are successful in their niches, friendly and ready to support you. Beyond having bloggers as friends, you can also reach out to others that may turn out to become your potential clients.

§   Knowing why you need a blog makes blogging more fun

Blogging is fun. You may not understand this but that’s how it works. Ask most successful bloggers in Nigeria and they will tell you that they are also catching fun while blogging. This understanding helps to neutralize the stress that comes with staring at your computer from morning till night.

3 Reasons You Need to Start Your Own Blog in Nigeria

1.       Having a blog helps you to build your own online platform

Building a personal online platform in Nigeria has never been this easy until people began to tap into the opportunities blogging offer. If you are running a reputable blog with lots of useful information, people will start perceiving you to be an authority worth listening to, of course, you are one.

Without necessarily canvassing that they should hire you to speak, people will organically reach out to you to come and speak at their summits and conferences. If you are good at negotiating deals, you can even land more highly profitable deals at those conferences and summits.

2.       You can use your blog to promote your business in Nigeria

Instead of spending so much money on TV, newspapers and radio adverts with no ROI to show for it, it’s better to start your own blog, share your thoughts there, grow it and use it to promote your business.

With a blog that generates over 1 million page views every month, what will you need newspaper advert for? Except you are simply trying to reach out to another group of audience, your one million pageviews blog is enough to sell your idea to any length.

3.       A blog is another stream of income

Blogging has grown beyond putting articles, images and videos online, it’s now a full-time business to many, including myself. This blog and other blogs we manage generate enough money to pay us salaries that most people working full-time for others don’t have. And do you know the amazing thing? Our revenue grows, it hardly comes down as long as our traffic keeps increasing. We’ve already explained how we drive massive traffic to our blog and how you can do same.

In our previous post, we shared how you can start making money online in Nigeria even while you sleep. You may need to read that post to discover few mind blowing ways you can start generating huge income in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, if you need further guide on you can start a professional blog, on Blogger or WordPress, you can contact us, abaisgoodblogs@gmail.com or call, 09026042098