How to Start and Grow a Successful Facebook Group in Nigeria

Community building and mastering which Facebook group is all about as not too difficult to handle if you will pay attention to what I’m about to teach you now.

I have seen people who started a Facebook group here in Nigeria that within a short period grew into hundreds of thousands. And I have also seen people who failed totally in their attempt to grow their Facebook group.
The differences between those who succeeded in building a successful Facebook group in Nigeria and those who failed are some of the things I will be touching in this blog post. But before then, let me ask you…

Why Do You Want to Run a Facebook Group in Nigeria?

For many reasons, people want to own a Facebook group. However, your motive is what will decide if you will succeed or not.

Here are some of the reasons people want to run a Facebook group.

§  They want to help people have easy access to learn from them

§  They want to use the Facebook group to generate traffic to their blog

§  They want to gather people of like minds to discuss issues of national concern

§  They want to advertise their products on their Facebook group

§  They want to start, grow and flip it to webmasters

§  And many more reasons.

What to Do Before Starting a Successful Facebook Group in Nigeria

Before you set out to create your own Facebook group in Nigeria, here are some of the things you must do.

1.      Know Exactly What You Want to Do with a Facebook Group

The object of your Facebook group in Nigeria will to a large extent determine how successful you will be. Some use theirs for personal reasons like, selling their products, increasing their email list, advertising other people’s products, educating their followers, driving massive traffic to their blog and many more.

2.      Join Other Successful Facebook Group to Monitor What They Do (and What They Don’t Do)

Before starting your own Facebook group, join other successful online forums in Nigeria to know how they manage their group. Some see theirs as a full-time work. Learn from them and duplicate the idea in yours. Nobody owns patent to group contest – so you are permitted to learn how they conduct contest on their group, add a few things and duplicate it in yours.

3.      Set Rules that Will Guide Every Member of the Group

Without rules, spammers will ruin your efforts and drive out potential clients long before you realize it. In your plan, set rules you would want every member of the group to abide by. And be strict on its adherence. You may delete posts, warn the spammer and put him/her on the watch-list so that if they ever repeat it again, you will show them the way out of the group.

4.      Choose a Name for Your Facebook Group that Has the Keyword You Want to Dominate

To run a successful Facebook group in Nigeria, the name you give it should be a reflection of your goal, the niche you are operating it and the people you want to serve. Don’t choose a name that has been chosen by someone else, don’t choose a name that is difficult to pronounce and spell and don’t choose a name that is unrelated to the objective of your social media community you want to build.

5.      Don’t Add People without their Consent

It’s against social media ethics to add people to your group without their consent. It’s not only annoying, but it also slows down engagement. You may end up adding people that have no business with what your group has to offer.

If you try to sell on such group, you will never succeed.

6.      Give Everyone Equal Right to Publish Content on the Group

Giving every member of the group equal right to membership makes it easier for them to feel belonged. It’s true not everyone would want to participate but don’t use (or allow anyone to use) derogatory words on the docile members.

Those that may never comment or contribute anything in the group might be the ones to give you the biggest recognition. I have witnessed it severally where someone will buy my eBook and when I ask how he got to know me and you will hear things like, “I have been following your updates in The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN).”

7.      Run Contest on the Group to Encourage Participation

There are so many ways successful Facebook groups in Nigeria encourage participation. Some do it via asking thought-provoking questions you can’t ignore dropping your answer to while someone replies, and you reply again, and the discussion continues. Some also do it by giving out something of value (it could be article, video or audio tapes). Some prefer to take the route of organizing a contest where whoever that wins will be given either a cash award or global recognition on the group.

We did it sometime ago on Aba is Good Online Magazine Facebook called, Online Magazine. It was a mega hit. In one month, the group grew to 2,000+ members without any member of our team inviting people.

You can do same for your Facebook group if you wish to encourage participation and as well increase the membership.

8.      Turn Your Facebook Group into an Organization

Facebook group is a community of people with common interest. What kicked off as a virtual community can actually grow into a physical organization if members of the group begin to engage with one another outside the group.

I have seen Facebook groups here in Nigeria holding meetings at different locations to discuss issues concerning the community and how they can become more relevant to society they belong to.

By turning your Facebook group into an organization, you might begin to gain recognition from companies, newspapers, bloggers, and radio/TV stations.


There are thousands of Facebook groups in Nigeria focusing on different issues – from marriage to religion, marketing, entrepreneurship, job, blogging, culture, politics etc.

Before you start yours, ensure it is within the niche you are passionate to discuss. Don’t do it for the fun of it, instead, add your strength and soon, your Facebook group will guarantee you a placement in life.

Do you own a Facebook group? Do you belong to anyone you would like to share with us here? And are there successful Facebook groups in Nigeria you would like to mention here?

If yes, tell us at the comment section. You can post the link too.