3 Fastest Ways to Grow a Business in Nigeria

With series of challenges facing small business owners in Nigeria, it’s important that we discuss cheap and easy ways entrepreneurs can grow their business without breaking the bank.

What you will learn in the course of this article will shock you because these are things you probably know already but you aren’t implementing them to expand your business. It doesn't matter if you are in the entertainment or insurance industry, same strategies apply.

1.       Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Have you ever bought or refused to buy something based on a friend’s recommendation? I mean, your friend bought a product from a company and decided to run a review of his experience with you that triggered words like, “I will try it out or I will never enter that shop – I never knew their salespeople could be that rude.”
Well, what I’m trying to say here is not new to you. You are already doing it but probably you didn’t realize that, that was a strong marketing strategy you’ve been using. Who knows, it’s also possible you came to know about Aba is Good Online Magazine or myself, Emenike Emmanuel through a friend who spoke to you of how phenomenal we are.

That’s it. But what’s the interesting part of it?
You can use Word-of-mouth marketing to promote your business in Nigeria with ease.
So far, Word-of-mouth marketing popularly abbreviated as WOMM is the most powerful marketing method ever. It’s powerful because if you do it right, you will have no need of an ad budget but if you do it wrong, then no amount spent on advertising can save your business in Nigeria.
Wondering how to make word-of-mouth marketing to work for you in Nigeria?
Here’s the simple hack to activating word-of-mouth marketing in Nigeria
One positive story that makes you hit the newspaper headline or even a popular blog is enough to promote your business in Nigeria.
A good example is sponsoring a competition. At that point, your customers do your marketing for you.

2.       Social media Marketing

Social media marketing or advertising is a digital marketing method where social media platforms as well as websites are used to promote a product or service.
The advent of social media has made it extremely easier for businesses in Nigeria to reach a wide range of their customers in a short period of time and with the right message they would love to hear.
Beyond that, social media as one of the most essential digital marketing tools has also made it possible for companies to educate their customers, interact with them, know their opinion before an issue gets out of hand and also proffer solution on the go.
Some of the most active social media platforms in Nigeria include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.
However, here’s something very important small business owners in Nigeria need to know…. You can’t be actively involved in all the social media platforms, otherwise, you will soon be distracted from your core business.
What do you do, then?
Choose a few social media platform where a bunch of your customers congregate and be active there.
Using social media marketing to promote your business in Nigeria is not without rules. Break any of them and you will struggle to get customers that will be willing to handle their money over to you in exchange for your product or service.
So what are some of the guidelines you must follow to get more loyal customers from social media in Nigeria?
Do the following:
§  Offer your customers quality product or service
§  Your product or service must be unique
§  Dedicate your time to know exactly what your customers want
§  Be consistent

3.       Traditional Marketing

The popularity of internet marketing that changed the way business owners in Nigeria relate to their customers didn’t take away the place of traditional marketing entirely. Till date and even in the future, enterprises in Nigeria hoping to advertise their business will continue to use the traditional marketing method.
Good examples of traditional advertising entrepreneurs in Nigeria can use to promote their business include but not limited, billboards, fliers, newspapers, Television, Radio etc.
Based on your budget and the target audience you are trying to reach, you can select any of the traditional marketing methods. These two factors are the things that determine which method to use.


Any of these methods of promoting a business can work or may not work for you depending on who your ideal customers are. That’s why it’s very important that you know them like ABC before proceeding to map out the best strategy that will work for you.
It’s not compulsory that you implement all of them at the same time. Instead, look for the one that gives the best ROI.
Are there other methods you have been using to grow and promote your business? Share with us in the comment section.