How to Become a Successful Motivational Speaker in Nigeria

As societal challenges increase, there’s need for more and more motivational speakers in Nigeria to help inspire and motivate people who are getting frustrated with activities they felt are beyond their capacity.

Citing some of the opportunities available in the speaking industry in Nigeria, so many people have chosen to build a career as motivational speakers.

But for you to be a successful motivational speaker in Nigeria, there are basic steps you must follow, which I’m going to be addressing in this post.

Successful Motivational Speakers Have a Unique Message

To be a successful motivational speaker in Nigeria, you must have a compelling message that your audience are interested in. Your message should be compelling in the sense that it must be targeted at solving their unique and immediate problem. That way, they will easily get glued to your words.

Successful Motivational Speakers Are Great Storytellers

The impact of storytelling can’t be overemphasized. Naturally, people are so passionate to hear stories, especially real life stories of how someone went from a nobody to a person of influence.

When you tell people stories, you easily break into their mind, destroy their barriers and register your influence as quickly as possible. They may even forget everything else you said in your speech but they will never forget the stories you told them. What makes most people like Fela Durotoye, Niyi Adesanya, Dr Ope Banwo and others to be great motivational speakers in Nigeria is because they know how to relate every segment of their points to mind-blowing stories.

Just before you ask me what story you should tell, let me remind you that there are so many stories for you, especially as a Nigerian and African.

Great Motivational Speakers Know Their Target Audience

The biggest mistake any motivational speaker in Nigeria will make is to think that everybody is their target audience. No Sir. No Ma. Everybody can’t be your target audience. Your message can’t appeal to everybody.

Before you step out into building a career as a public speaker in Nigeria, you need to first figure out who you want to be speaking to. Knowing this will help you figure out what your core message should be, how to package it, how to make your intro and the kind of products you are going to be creating.

Are you targeting government officials, business people, youths, civil servants or what? Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Focus is the winning strategy.

Successful Motivational Speakers Never Get Tired of Developing Their Communication Skills

If you want to be a successful motivational speaker in Nigeria, have it mind that you’re going to be doing a lot of communications, both written and verbal. So you must never relent in fine-tuning your skills. Don’t stop halfway because of the little success you’ve recorded in the past.

The truth is, the more you develop yourself, the better you become in the use of words to command influence.

Great Motivational Speakers Have Learnt to Promote Themselves

Often times, if you don’t say, here I am, nobody will know about you. So don’t be ashamed to advertise your career as a motivational speaker. In fact, get excited with that. You can print some flyers, banners or even go on news media to showcase yourself.

The most powerful which you can reap from over and over again is setting up your online brand using a professional social media pages and a well-optimized blog. Using these platforms, you can continually be in the mind of your audience who will more likely recommend or endorse you as soon as an opportunity for that shows up. Of course, if you are beginning with social media you need to read this post: how to use social media to build a celebrity platform.

Get a Product

At the early stage of starting your motivational speaking career in Nigeria, you will make no money if you don’t have a product. I see a lot of folks in the industry tell me that they are waiting to be known worldwide before they can publish a book or launch an audio book. That’s bullshit…. An absolute one.

You don’t have to wait to be known worldwide before you can get a book or even an eBook. The amazing thing is that having a book even positions you as an expert. Once you become an author, it automatically changes people’s perception of you.

You can publish a mini book or just an audio book so that you can quickly sell them immediately you are done speaking at any event. Don’t worry about the marketing, I have already put up a report on . Read it and implement as soon as possible.


There are more to this but we shall continue another day. But I just want you to know that becoming a successful motivational speaker in Nigeria is not an impossible task. If you give it your best shot and stay focused for long, you will soon start getting more speaking gigs than you handle.