How to Make Your Tweet Trend on Twitter and Become Influential Overnight

Till date, not many of you here know that I'm a social media strategist, and that's because I don't often like writing about it. Instead, I prefer to implement it for my clients, especially those that didn't come to price me out of business.

My first attempt began after reading a post made by Ronald Nzimora where he talked about, "Proof of Concept" on his blog. So I said to myself, "If I must have a unique message to pass across to my audience, I must prepare to conquer at least one social media platform by studying how it works and how I can drive traffic from there."

In my selection, I went for Twitter. For days, I sat indoors at AG Family House in Eket (that was when I was still a corps member) studying how things work around Twitter: How to get more followers, build a formidable relationship like it's offline, get them to click on my link, get them to buy my product or recommend it to their friends, etc.

In the course of doing that, I threw a challenge to myself to get 1,000 Twitter followers in one month, ahead of the launch of my business blog, Entrepreneur Business Blog but ended up having over 1,500 followers in 15 days (check my blog to grab the free report).

On the matter of building relationship, I met Ryan Biddulph and Tiffany Simpson, who are now wonderful friends to my world. Tiffany once mentioned my blog handle in a tweet that got over 12,000 retweets in a month (that was an interview I had with her). And on July 31st, Tiffany and I will be launching one of the finest Game Preps in Nigeria for National Common Entrance Examinations.

This is just a background information... So let's quickly dive deep into what I want to share with you today.

That's, "How to Make Your Tweet Trend on Twitter and Become Influential Overnight."

WARNING! This is just part 1 of 4 that I designed for a client earlier today but when Godspower Oparaugo asked a question related to that, I decided to pull it out. You can steal the idea (NOT THIS POST), develop it and use it. If you care, you can give me credit for that.

So how exactly can one make their hashtag or name trend on Twitter?

I will explain.

Becoming an overnight celebrity can be achieved once you get to trend on Twitter. In fact, if well managed, that could become your stepping stone into getting into the spotlight.

However, getting your tweet to trend on Twitter depends on your location. But if you get 1,500 tweets from 500 users within the hours of 12 midnight to 6 am, you will hit the trend zone.

To achieve this, you can set up a team of 20 persons that has something they would want to trend on Twitter too, and also have great followers. These 20 persons can recruit other 20 each, making it 400 on the whole.

Each day, you guys will support just 5 persons to make 10 tweets using their respective hashtags for 6 hours. That's, for 6 hours, one person will deliver 50 tweets of 5 different hashtags.

Note: These 5 hashtags shouldn't be in one post. On hashtag per tweet.

At the expiration of 6 hours of marathon tweeting, you would have gotten 4,000 hashtag and Twitter handle mentions, which is more than enough to make you trend within that period.

Don't forget, if the hashtag is an interesting one that doesn't look like you are marketing, you will be shocked to see another 1,000 tweets coming from people who have no idea why it was trending.

Got it?

Okay, let me have your thought too and if your know someone that needs this, use the share button to spread the word.

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