How to Market Your Book in Nigeria

Writing a book in Nigeria is hard. Being able to make money from it is harder, except you are already doing a few of the things I will be sharing with you in this blog post.

Many Nigerians desire to become authors but the question of, “How can I market my book, how can I sell my book after publishing it or how do I convince people to buy it?” has been a great challenge to them.

In this post, I will not only share with you how to market your book so that people can buy it, I will also tell you what you should do long before your manuscript hits the Press.

What to Do Before Your Book Publication

§  Consciously build relationship with influencers

At the moment the thought of writing a book hits your mind or even before then, if you want your book to become a bestseller or at least gain heavy traction, start building relationship with influencers. Influencers are people that are very popular in their niche and have a large number of audience that are loyal to them.

What that does is that it makes it easier for you to get their endorsement and possibly sneak into their audience without struggling for it.

With their support, you can sure of having an explosive sales when your book finally comes out.

How to go about it is to start composing names of influencers you think their audience will be relevant to you and start reaching out to them for friendship. Some of them are so busy that the only way to penetrate them is to buy their materials or enroll in their course.

§   Develop a Unique Hashtag

Having a hashtag that pre-advertises your book long before it is published is a great way to market a book without undergoing unnecessary stress. With this unique hashtag, you can get people to start talking and sharing your book hashtags before it’s published.

The hashtag you choose for promoting your book should be simple and easy to memorize and should have something to do with your book. In most cases, I prefer using the book title if it’s a simple one.

How to Market Your Book in Nigeria

#1. Get a Book Title and Cover that Markets Itself

Your book title can do wonders if you can be careful enough to choose that. What you decide to use as the title of your book can enhance or mar the growth of your book sales.

Don’t make people assume anything (worst of it all is assuming what your book is not). Instead, make them desire it as a result of the quality of your book cover and title.

#2. Organize a Book Tour to Market Your Book Faster

Book tour is an amazing way to get the message of your new book into the Nigerian market. Many people may never come to know about your book release except you take it them via book tour.

In 2016, after publishing “Activating The Ministry of Angels,” a book that the Foreword was written by Rev Dr Charles Osueke, Fmr General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria, I embarked on a book tour across major cities in Nigeria.
To get a copy, call, 09026042098

In the course traveling around, I learnt a few things, embraced opportunities and also made money in the process. I visited a few Churches and was able to introduce myself alongside my book.

You too can do this. It’s not a difficult thing to do. You can begin with cities and countries you already know people in so that you can save yourself the stress of spending so much. You can even get people to sponsor your trip if you have something they can gain from.

#3. Organize a Book Launch as a Way to Market Your Book in Nigeria

All the while I started writing and publishing books and magazines, I have never done book launch. For personal reasons I have refused to do book launch but it does not mean that this strategy of marketing books in Nigeria doesn’t work. It does.

On the day of the book launch, guests are known for buying the book at a price somewhat twice the actual market price. And if you are lucky enough to bring wealthy people that understand the value of writing in your occasion, then relax for you are about to make thousands of sales that same day and many more days to come.


It’s possible to make money selling books in Nigeria if you plan for it and take action consistently. Long before you start writing that book, start building relationship with people whose platform or nearness to them can guarantee you a great exposure.

Be intentional in all your dealings with people because you have no idea where your next help from God is coming from. Don’t flex muscle with people on social media – respect people’s opinion and let God bless your hustle. Marketing books in Nigeria becomes easier as you continue to improve on your communication skills.