What You Should Be Doing on Social Media in Nigeria to Make More Sales

There's one hard truth I have been finding difficult to share with Nigerians because I'm always afraid they will misunderstand it. I'm afraid they will think social media is not for this. And I'm also afraid they will think I'm one of the "Sabo".
But of what benefit is my FEAR if someone will learn from it and make their business prosper even in this economic challenge Nigeria is battling with? Of course, it's totally immaterial and never one of the reasons God brought me here.
I'm not against any tribe. I'm not against any religion. I'm not against anyone who has the desire to breakout. And I'm not against anybody's position on how he or she wants to run their life but here's what I'm against....
- Robbing your business (the channel through which God bless you) the exposure that it desires to grow -
"You have no business killing yourself on social media on all of these things if your business is still at the point only social media can save it."
Except your business in Nigeria is directly tied to those things such that the more you discuss them, the more your bank account swells up, don't get your hands soiled with them - face your business.
If you argue that your business don't need social media to grow, it's only a sign that you've not really known much about social media. You need a social media expert to help you see more opportunities.
If you are REALLY passionate about any of these fields I listed above that you can't see yourself refrain from posting and arguing about them (for natural or ulterior motive), here's my advice for you....
"Build a separate page solely dedicated to this interest of yours and blow it up from there."
There and then, you will not only become influential with a large audience following you, you will also make some "change" in the process.
Don’t be one of those young Nigerians under-utilizing the social media and still complain that nobody buys their product when they already have the most powerful tool ever.
Network with like minds in your industry, build relationship on social media, respond to the needs of your society and never be shy to market yourself and your product.
Got it? Enjoy your a beautiful new week.