Why You Need a Coach as an Online Business Owners in Nigeria

A friend of mine said, "You don'gfewt need a coach to start, neither do you need them to succeed." But I disagree with him.

Sip some lessons from this post to make your week prosperous.

The work of a coach is simply to shorten the learning curve. They are not God that people can't do without.

A time comes in a man's life that he should quit trial and error and simply hire a coach to lay the blueprint of what works and warn him about the things that don't work so that he doesn't expend his limited energy on them.

For the things they said can't work, you can break the rules and set yours but that's only after you've come of age in the game.

Self-learners may not necessarily need a coach but they will definitely need a guide and that guardian is a coach. Because they published it on YouTube won't make them less of a coach.

In essence, we all need a coach. But if you can't afford to hire one at the moment, you take the long journey approach by watching other coaches on YouTube teach you the same thing (most times even better). If you can afford it, save yourself the time and learn from them.

Beyond just teaching you what you paid for, there are so many other benefits of having someone as your coach.

Your coach can help to hold you accountable to your goals, he can connect you to his network and more platforms and he can make the industry very fun for you.

Because we are able to find most information free on YouTube will never take the place of a coach in our lives. It will amaze you that all those people publishing those videos we watch also have their coaches, notwithstanding how smart we think they are.

Let me draw a reference from the entertainment industry....

I stand to be corrected but here's my position:

"You can never make a celebrated comedian, movie star or musician if you don't have a coach."

Imagine you have John Obidi, Victor Ekpo Bassey and Ronald Nzimora as your coaches.... I mean real coaches, not those that shout, "Father, father but their heart is far - yet they have never to been useful to the people they call their coach" and they refer all their clients that need sales copy to you. Do you think you will have any need to run Facebook ads again or stress yourself throwing large sum of money into advertising?

No. You may not need to do that anymore because even their clients will respect you, and also recommend you because you were referred to them by an industry authority.

Before I drop it, let me hit my summary.

"Use the available free materials on YouTube to start. When you have grown big enough to hire a coach, do it and never look back."

Someone once paid $2,500 for me to attend a webinar, not because I can't find some of the information shared there online but because of the connection she wanted me to have. Since December last year I had that experience, my life has never been the same again.

These white guys that their brothers are publishing the videos on YouTube still spend more money on online courses than we do.

Friends, in your opinion, do you think coaches and mentors are not necessarily necessary?

Share your opinion. I'd like to learn from you too.