How to Increase Your Business Productivity in Nigeria Even If You Are the Laziest Person on Earth

About 11 months ago, I did something that radically changed my life.

If I combine other opportunities it has enabled me to access within this period, I can tell you that it has generated over a million naira since I engaged myself with it, excluding the ones bounced by PayPal even after the sponsored posts were published.

What exactly did he do, one may ask?

I built a blog (business blog to be precise) that suits my taste and my productivity increased.

If you ask me, I will tell you that my first free-hosted blog in 2012 was like I was playing and by 2014, I re-modified the play by getting a domain name (still using Google hosting) and by 2016, I decided to take pride in what I do by moving fully into a self-hosted WordPress. And since then, everything changed for good.

Why such a radical change (in my eyes, as it is) just within 11 months?

I invested my time, energy and creativity on something that suits my taste. Boom! I became more productive to the point that I can now schedule 5 posts of not less than 1,500 words each (with some reaching 3,000+) for the week and still have time to run my coaching classes and so MANY other things.

See eh, most lack of productivity often stem from the fact that you just do not feel good about your environment, what you do and the kind of people you are working with.

In that case, what do you do?


You hold-fast to the thing that suits your taste. If it's working from home, setting a specific part of the house as your office, bringing your pet to work, putting your spouse's photograph at a corner of your office (where you can easily feel his or her presence) or working late night, do it.