What Will It Cost to Work with You? The Question that Will Decide How Much You Can Earn


..... One question very many coaches and consultants will fail and still don't know they failed it.

If you are a consultant, a coach or a "wannabe guru," I want you to pause for awhile and think about the above question?

Think and think again. Don't give me quick answer because what you are thinking is probably not what it is. I will explain.

Imagine a qualified lead popped up the question in the middle of a sales call, "What does it cost to work with you?"

It may sound like they just want to know the amount of money you'd be charging for your services, but that's not all there's to that question. There's something they want to know but in their mind, if they let it out, it will make them look more vulnerable - so most of them choose to be reserved.

Your ability to give an intelligent, foolproof and custom answer to that will not only make you close the deal faster, but will also increase their perceived value of you.

So what exactly are they wishing to know, you may ask?


================================ They want to know the COST of missing the opportunity to work with you. ================================

So next time a prospect asks you, "What's the cost of working with you?" Don't stop at telling them the amount of money you are going to charge, also tell them of what it will cost their brand, as in, what they are going to miss for not working with you.

And if you are like me, you will itemize these things (unique opportunities people will miss when they fail to work with you) and make them so compelling that before you get to 3 of 5 of them, the next thing you will hear from the other end will be, "It's okay, send your account details."

Got the gist?

Let me know what you think. And most importantly, go out this week and use it.