By: Solomon Ukeni John
Just woke up this morning with a call that my friend is dead.. He actually committed suicide.
Taking his life isn't a big deal or a hard thing to do but the big thing is what will he tell his creator about what he did with the talents given to him according to the Holy Book of Matthew 25:14....
Probably he was given one gold, or 5 gold like the wise servant.
Can't question the creator.
Preye writes and I quote suicide happens because, "No time to listen, no time to help, no time to talk, no time to share happy and sad moments because we are all "busy," after all there's someone who replaces another. Suicide is a class nobody graduates from. The difference is how does he or she handle it."
Solomon Ukeni John

While Georgina Nelson a great friend of mine once said that suicide isn't the answer but rather you just succeeded in handing over the burden over to another member in the family who might as well commit suicide. Which I think is very correct.
Winifred Johnson have always advocated for loved ones to watch over family members... Father watch your children and children watch your parents.
I don't know if to type RIP or God bless your soul because you left with a heavy heart.
But what I know is that depression is real and that's why I choose my personal therapist Michelle Aniso whenever issues like this comes up in my life.
But then we tend to forget that there's joy in every pain, darkness in every light and a fight for victory. You would have done better my good friend.
In our journey through life we'll get knocked down no matter what we look like or the faith we profess.
No matter what class we find ourselves, rich or poor, we constantly need to have it at the back of mind that there's no excuse for failure and that suicide isn't an option!!.
My friend died yesterday with a note on the floor saying, "Something told me to do it.. It said to me Take up the ropes you coward aren't you tired of this life??.."
And He took the Ropes and left for the tree.
Editor's Note: Have you heard a case of any suicide in recent times? What made them take their own life? What would you have done if you were in their shoes? Share with us in the comments below.