How to Convert a Stranger to Becoming a Loyal Customer Using an Effective Content Strategy

The success of everything you do online revolves around CONTENT. Get it right and making money on the internet (whether via your blog or social media) will be another walk in the park.
Trust me, I lie not. You need a great content for you to attract, convince, induce them to buy now and convert a stranger into becoming your WoM marketer. You will be wrong to think it's only master copywriters that can achieve this.

But how do you spot a great content that can make a total stranger to pause and hand their hard earned money to you without wasting your time in an unnecessary interview that if care is not taken may make you lose the sales?
Give them what they want to hear, in the format they want it, with the right visuals and an offer they can't say no to. Pick your phone, log on to Facebook and start jumping from one friend's post to another, and in a matter of hours, you will see messages pumping in. If you are creative at engaging with prospects, you won't have issues turning 90% of them to loyal customers.
If you know your audience well enough, you won't find it difficult to identify what they will be interested in.
I shared the secret in this article, with a client on Monday and in less than 24 hours, she got an immediate order with several leads that promised to pay today. They made it clear that it was the article she wrote that attracted them. It will shock you to know that only 7 persons actually liked the post.
Go now and read the article here, so that you will be the next to testify.
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In a reply to someone on SmartBCamp on the 5 silver features an effective content strategy needs, I said this:

1. Your content must be valuable to your audience. A valuable content is one that solves a specific problem. 

2. It must be simple to understand. Blow grammar and you've succeeded in wasting your marketing effort.

3. Never leave visuals out of it, except you are addressing professors that don't care. 

4. Get them into your conversation room by giving them what to talk about that will lead to sales.

5. There must be an offer. Not just an offer but an irresistible offer. Great content will never save a mediocre offer. An irresistible offer is one that goes beyond to deliver what the actual worth of the product is.